Why did I just lose 57 comp points for one loss?

Only source I can claim is beta discussions. I can try to dig them up again but I doubt it. While Blizzard has never fully confirmed how their SR system works, they have stated that it compares hero to hero. Of course, that was three years ago. Things could have certainly changed since then and they just haven’t told us.

No. It doesn’t. A computer algorithm cannot detect how important each point of damage was, only that you DID do a point of damage. Nor do we know how much damage is weighed vs healing in Moira’s case to decide how much extra SR to award or punish.

Now, if you want to ‘game’ the system a bit and have the biggest effect on your SR throw out as much damage as you can while doing the same with healing. Ignore how impactful you’re being and pump those numbers as high as you can.

Of course, this WILL cause you to lose more games and you’ll lose more SR in the long run. That is why I brought up the impactfulness of the damage in question. Gold damage means absolutely nothing in this game if it was all poke damage and just healed up by the enemy support (giving them free ult charge and thus a larger advantage in upcoming fights)

Maybe if ur DPS had a heal ball with them they would get more elims. U lost so much Sr because of the times u let a teammate die because u sent out purple instead of yellow. The game notices when a yellow would have saved life’s even if you dont

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Unless you literally have it on your desktop or something lol.

Basically once the result is known you want to try and pad your stats as much as possible then. Gets kinda interesting when you factor in someone like Zen/Mercy though where you have damage/healing/damage amp/res/trance heal(…? It’s given a separate stat so maybe it’s also factored in). So many competing things 0_o

Not really. Moira needs to damage and just tickling counts as a kill. Gold elims is different than gold damage.

The result is never known until the timer hits 0. How many last minute OT pushes have you seen that caused your team or the enemy team to win the match?

If we’re talking long term gains, the most important thing to do is still play well to make sure that you’re being impactful rather than padding stats. A Moira with gold damage and elims can actually be making it more difficult for your team to win but with the current medal system this is very deceptive and hard to see unless you pay attention to the match as a whole, rather than the stats themselves.

Take me, for example. I am bad at flick shots. Okay, I’m not terrible, but I’m bad at hitting heads. If I play Widow I can get gold damage almost every time. Was I useful? Probably not. Did I make it harder for my team to win? More likely than not. Why? Because Widow is an all or nothing character. I can land body shots all day but if I’m not getting kills from that damage then I’m giving the enemy supports free ult charge which can cause them to win an important team fight. This is why when I DO play widow? I’m not looking for the early picks. I’m looking for who is being shot at already so I can chunk them down in one burst and prevent the enemy support from saving them. I help my team secure kills because I can’t do it on my own consistently enough.

Of course, if THAT is the contribution I’m making to the team, should I even be playing Widow in the first place? No. Because I can’t capitalize on her properly. I’d be better off going McCree or Ashe or someone else and playing the same way. I’d offer more value regardless of what the numbers themselves say.

https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/how-competitive-skill-rating-works-season-9/14009 Doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail but it’s much better at explaining the system in more detail than what I’ve done here.

Edit: But most importantly, he DOES have references listed and notes them in (numbers) where approriate throughout the post to further highlight what he’s talking about.

Gold elims on Moira is literally nothing considering if the enemy team gets so much as touched by a damage orb and then a following team wipe pursues on your side, the Moira gets 6 elims even though her orbs did like a total of 100 damage.

MMR calculator isn’t exactly like, “Hey, this dude did great on this match and lost. So low penalty for you young man, who’s next? You did bad this game and won? 4 SR for you”.

It calculates your overall performance. Not one game alone. So even if we agree that you did fine in this game, Doesn’t mean your overall performance is good.

Did you leave a match with a leaver before the one that gets you -57 SR? There’s a bug in comp that punishes you for leaving even it says you are safe to leave without punishment (technically it is right because they don’t punish you in that match, but instead punish you in the next match)

Maybe because gold healing still means nothing, especially if you’re the only support.

The total amount/percentage of team damage taken matters more.

They didn’t acknowledge it because it’s a given that Moira will have gold healing.

Your team was heavily favored to win by the matchmaker.

Since a lot of you only give answers like “its your fault” , “its cuz you are you toxic” , " LOL you suck" etc… etc… instead of trying to be helpful.

Im going to try answer you back according to my experience, previously to the match where you lose 57 Sr points, did you leave a match with a rage quitter/Leaver in your team and did you leave also after the 2 mins mark ?

If yes, possibly you got the SR bug it have been around the same time since Comp was introduced, it happened to me before also a few times to understand more or less what triggers it: you leave the game after the 2 mins mark after the leaver quit the match, If Everyone leaves after that and the match is cancelled/Terminated you lose around 20-25 SR and they get more or less the same amount in gain and thats all. But if at least someone stay to the end of the match, you lose the 20-25 when you abandoned the match, plus the SR the match scored at the end, since the match finished normally.

Despite you started playing another match, the system have those Minus SR points in reserve for you, so in the next match, if you lose, the systems deduct 50+ Sr points from your Total (previous+actual match). and if you win that match it only show 1-3 SR point gain/loss since it deducted the previous points.

the system is pretty funked but it seems how it works.

The only reason why it’s easier to climb as a one-trick than a flex player is because it’s easier to get better playing one hero than more than one. If you don’t one-trick a very niche hero (Mei, Bastion, Sym etc), you can roughly climb up to Diamond with any hero. Then it gets harder I would say because some heroes are worse than others and everyone is trying harder.

The SR system doesn’t penalize you for playing different heroes in one game. You can swap at the break with zero impact on your SR gains or losses. Because the stats are averaged out. Say you played 7 minutes with Reaper in the first round and 5 minutes with Pharah in the second round, your stats with Reaper won’t get compared to other Reaper for 12 minutes of play (7+5). But they will be averaged per minute or per 10 minutes and be compared to the averages of Reaper players in the same SR range (and maybe on the same map, etc etc).

The only reason that you can get penalized for switching is if you do it in game and you lose some ult charge. But let say I die using Pharah’s Barrage and I immediately switch to another hero, it won’t impact my stats at all.

If you get little SR for a win, assuming that there are no other reasons involved (average SR of your team way higher than the enemy team, your MMR way higher than your both teams averages, decay, post placements, post new placements, post leaving, etc, there’s a few more) so assuming that everything is normal, then if you gain little SR it must be because you didn’t perform well enough compared to your pairs with the same hero. And the thing is we don’t know what are the stats that the system weigh to determine your performance (to avoid cheating the system), some might not even be displayed at the end game stats page, so it shouldn’t be really something we care about.

The easiest way to climb is not to perform amazingly stats wise and gain 30SR for each victory, but to have a high winrate, meaning to have real impact on those tight games and make your team win them consistently. Usually, performing well and winning more than losing are connected, but not always. You can have good average stats and still have 50% win rate. Good stats and performances don’t guaranty positive winrate. And the opposite is also true, someone can have bad overall stats but because of two decisive plays, make his team win.

Game-changing plays are more important than good overall performances.

Very simple example: two DPS, one has 20 elims but always killed 2 enemies at a time when fights are already lost while the other has 10 elims but kills all his target at the beginning of a fight giving his team a big advantage, which one has better stats and which one is more impactful and will win more games?


How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 15)

You gotta remember this is plat. The fact that Moira is being run tips it off lol. If moira doesnt have 10 golds in a plat game, ill be surprised.

Gold Elims = DPS Moira? What a questionable logic.

the dps are not bad when you tickle everyone for 13 dmg and then get an elim for that.

moira is literally the easiest hero to get elims with together with dva and reaper

Gold elims is totally fine dude, of course he have gold elims I mean we just need to make 1HP of damage on a target for owning the kill.

So heroe like Moira, Mei, or even Dv.A get gold elims pretty easily without even killing someone, just need to make 1HP of damage and then you get the elims.

It depends on what the rest of your team was and what the enemy team was in SR.

If you play with lower ranks and lose, you’ll lose far more SR.

If you play with higher ranks and lose you’ll lose less SR.

If you play AGAINST higher ranks and lose, you’ll lose less SR.

If you play AGAINST lower ranks and lose, you’ll lose more SR.

So if you’re playing WITH and AGAINST lower ranks, you’re going to lose a LOT of SR. This is because the system thinks that you losing to lower rank players means you don’t belong there and thus it will try to knock you down faster to get you to where it believes you should be.

(Btw, this is not taken from strategic points of data, this is from experimentation.)

FYI the question was already answered, it’s because it was an alt account and the SR win/loss after placements is apparently boosted.