Why did i get suspended and lost 50 sr!?!?

I left the comp elimination match after it said “defeat” and i got a 10 min cooldown?? and lost 50 sr.

I thought there was a jeff post explaining that the whole “defeat screen then wait to leave” wasn’t sometging they could really help?

Shoot I didn’t know that counted as leaving lol. I was on an XP probabion for awhile the other day and I couldn’t figure out why. I guess I should wait a sec. Good to know

I guess in the future just wait. There’s literally no reason to leave early.

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can we please stop this “leaving match before it ended” hype? spend some quality time with your team mates! you just spend 15-20 minutes battling with them, the least you can do is compliment them by clicking on a card. christ, whats the hurry? it aint like you are going to exit that leave streak any time soon.

And you actually don’t enter queue until the game is completely over. All that time it takes for the cards and PotG to go is going in the background after you leave. You will not find a game until that invisible timer is up.

Lord Jeff stated as such. (At Least I think it was Jeff.)


The cards and PoTG are so pointless the majority of the time. There should be no penalty for leaving during or after victory / defeat. I would be fine waiting if 75% of the time it wasnt the losing team pity voting their healer or a junkrat / Dva 'splosion that happened in the first 30 seconds of the match as PoTG.

to get away from the match and join a new?

Jeff has confirmed that you do not get into the next batch faster because it waits for the previous match to end. So leaving early literally does nothing.

That said, this was a known bug and I thought they fixed it. It was happening to a lot of people who left at the defeat screen, it hasn’t quite ended but it also wasn’t showing the warning. Looks like it might be back so hopefully it will get a bit of attention.

Yep, what Ungod said.