Why connection lost only in game

I was in the beginning of the game, suddenly connection is lost, when i tried to log in it gave me game server connection failed. I was unable to join until the game finished!!!

Internet was working very well, i have link of prove

Why do i have to receive a ban in a comp game!!


We cover our stance on the penalty system and disconnections Here. As for disconnections in game. When you play Overwatch the client has to maintain a constant and stable connection to and from the server. A hicup or unstable wifi, for example, could cause issues without your whole internet going down.

I would recommend troubleshooting with the following steps:

  1. Power Cycle your home network’s modem and router following the steps Here.
  • Once the network and PC are back online flush your DNS cache using the commands Here.

If the issue continues to try to capture the disconnect by running a WinMTR at the start of your game following the steps Here. Feel free to post the results back here.

Thank you