Why competitive role queue is ruining the game and why it should be reverted

I don’t play anymore so who cares but if you have 4-5 people in chat you can all report the player not joining for AFK and offensive language. It can often trigger a ban if you do it enough.

it is soft throwing and me and my mates had a great laugh getting the banned message for someone who would not join chat.

That is true but for some reason Mei more than any hero before is just terrifying for main tank players. I do not remember a hero just being that…(whats the word I’m looking for)…relentless?..no…ah!..oppressive…that’s the word I think.

Hmm. Doomfist used to feel that oppressive when playing a tank. “Oh, you want to hold this corner? Punch LOL unlucky.” Brig 1.0 also made tanking (at least main tanking) feel pretty vulnerable.

But broken heroes in the past aren’t an excuse for broken heroes now. So all of that aside, I still wouldn’t ban Mei because I do want a Mei on my team.

After watching the latest developer update, I’m not so confident anymore that the current main issues with the game will actually be addressed. In fact I believe it will have a negative impact (even longer queue times and as a result even more people queuing as Tank / Support with the intention to DPS instead of performing their actual role)

While I do admit that the idea of hero pools does sound appealing in some way because of the diversity it APPEARS to bring. It certainly does NOT look appealing at all when you start to think about it some more.

I read arguments on the forums that hero pools are good for flex players.
When you think about it, what they really are doing is adding even more restrictions to the game, removing flexibility of players even more. I’m afraid it will discourage counter-play (because a specific hero counter may possible be unavailable in the hero pool) even more and if this trend continues, we’ll eventually end up playing just mirror matches.

For the already least popular role in the game (Tank) this change will not be any good. I can already imagine how my matches queuing as a tank will go in a tank hero pool that for example only contains 1 anchor shield tank anymore. Currently in 80% of my games the other tank player locks an off-tank (mostly Roadhog).

So what will happen in this situation? Most of the time, I will end up playing that one specific anchor shield tank that’s available in the hero pool. I’m not saying always, because it depends on the other hero picks in my team, but still. The tank role will become even less attractive to me and a lot of players.

Overall I believe that both the Tank and Support role:

  • Are not popular enough to justify a limitation in hero choice
  • Have not enough heroes within their specific role to justify a limitation in hero choice

Limiting the choice of the tank role specifically will increase the queue times even more for the two other roles.

A suggestion I would make is to implement hero pools exclusively for the DPS role. Only because I could see this have a positive effect on queue times.

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I was plat before role queue and when they said they were going to implement it I already hated it because 2 2 2 isn’t even close to the best comp they only chose it because healers kept complaining when a match wasn’t 222. Anyway since then I’ve placed silver and I have no interest in trying to climb back to a higher rank since I know I’ll hate every moment playing with this garbage composition. I’m sure your reasoning is probably more valid since you know the game better but just thought id throw in my 2 cents.

Flex players were basically removed the moment they put in role queue.

If they don’t lose SR, then backfillers can troll and throw without consequence.

That’s irrelevant. Players troll and throw without consequence now thanks to smurf accounts.

It doesn’t change the fact that Competitive needs backfill.

This definitely still happens, it’s just less frequent. Zarya/Hog vs any real tank comp? 0% possibility of winning. Doomfist carry vs no stuns? Pharah carry vs no hitscan? GG.

The biggest benefit is a closer-to-accurate MMR/SR for each role. Instead of being 2500 SR and losing 90% of the time you play tank and winning 90% of the time you play DPS, you might now be a 2000 SR tank and 3000 SR DPS. That leads to more consistent, closer matches. Of course Blizzard is trying to throw that out the window with hero pools, but role queue by itself helped.

Leavers are not a problem, and certainly not a significant one. It is a little annoying when you actually have the better team and someone’s game crashes or gets DDOSed. But that’s rare. The majority of the time the leaver is on the team that was going to lose. Otherwise they come back. Record which team was in the lead for your next 50 leavers if you don’t believe me. On top of that, you gain SR because of leavers. There are more leavers on the other team than there are on your own team, so overall you go up in SR because of leavers.

A backfill also wouldn’t help overcome a leaver situation in a balanced match. Unless a DPS is the leaver, you’re looking at 2+ minutes to find a healer or 6+ minutes to find a tank that is of an appropriate MMR to fit in your game. Now make it optional to backfill (which it would HAVE to be), so a much smaller pool, and you’re looking at not ever finding someone before the game is over except for when a DPS leaves. Even 2+ minutes for a DPS player and your team was down for too long to recover.

The most important thing is that Blizzard knows this and will never implement it, so it really doesn’t matter what you say.

They are, and for you to believe they are not shows how little you actually play the game.

That is merely an assumption on your part.

Except they cannot if they left within the first minute, and there have been numerous reported instances of there being no Rejoin Game option on the main menu after a disconnect despite the match still being in progress.

It absolutely would, because leavers cause imbalance. Backfill would restore that balance.

Show your math otherwise you’re just guessing.


Again, you’re just guessing.