Why competitive role queue is ruining the game and why it should be reverted

My games have taken a dramitac increase in quality. I have had less than five games lost at the select screen. 2 is the number. Lucio zen as healers with a rein zarya. Dva hog trying to push a choke and feeding. That’s it.

It would of easily been double digits of role q did not exist.

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Right because you gain ethical superiority the longer you wait in que. If dps arnt doing anything…what just embrace your inner zen…bear it and try again. Get real dude.

I feel the same way except the other way around. No matter how good I play I can’t carry a bad healer as dps

If we revert role queue people will just go back to complaining about 3-4 DPS games again.

Yea but now we know 4 dps comps 20% of time is better than not playing at all 100% of time.

Honestly its worse, you wait forever to the point its demoralizing, your hands are cold and you dont want to play anymore…and then you get suboptimal dps offtanks like half the time and 90% of time you get 1x instalock hog… the quality is simply worse and not worth it

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This post gives me hope that they are aware of the issues with role queue and are actually looking for solutions:

and also, like, prevent me from sitting in a 10-14 min dps queue depending on my account only to be booted out cuz someone left.

So crappy.

None of it would matter if the game didn’t let random idiots ruin your SR each game.

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I was the one enjoying those matches, are any of you Masters or above? Or are most of you just platinum players arguing for the sake of arguing? Being able to flex in this game before role queue came in was exciting and the most fun I’ve had in games, role queue is a disaster at the moment and games are the most frustrating that they’ve ever been. At least with Goats I was doing something constantly but in this double shield meta with Mei non stop and all the damage buffs for DPS. 2-2-2 is basically now who can hide the best and destroy shields the fast with bap ult.

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The only Blizzard game worse than this is Diablo 3, and everything you said is totally on point. I don’t know if they hired people straight from the down-syndrome high school in LA where my brother goes, but it seems to be pretty spot on because the amount of problems with this game on a competitive lever is so embarrassing. I hope the design team has a horrible, horrible day tomorrow. Maybe it will make up for the horrible, horrible hours we’ve all had in Overwatch due to half-wit, handicap-thought rules.

Let’s be real, they introduced RQ because they can’t kill GOATS in OWL and it’s hurting their viewership.

This isn’t a great topic to pull the ‘I’m master’ card. Just because you’re a better player than most of us doesn’t mean you’re the only one who’s opinion of what is and isn’t fun matters.

What people find fun is subjective. Opinions on strats, balance changes, anything like that then sure, someone who knows the game better has more authority but you’re not the boss of fun.

Hey my bad for sounding condescending now that I read that back but this is just what I want to say

“Get yourself a high masters/low GM game and play against double shield and Mei”

Please tell me that’s fun, pleeeeease do.

Just because you think “it’s time” doesn’t mean that it is good change.

Force people to be on team chat? C’mon man. Talk about toxicity levels through the f*cking roof. It would be nothing but chaos. Some people are better off not being in team chat because they’re so freaking toxic. They get triggered enough as it is. And then to be STUCK in team chat? You’re high. Worst idea ever. And this is coming from someone who is in team chat almost every round. And almost every other round, if people aren’t already in team chat, it’s because

  • They have already decided they dont want to be
  • Forcing them in will make them toxic
  • Do you really want that one guy forced in to team chat causing absolute chaos in there? You go from having at least SOME team work, to NOTHING because some a-hole decides he wants to play music through the team chat and block everything out.

Yeah, terrible idea.

Fair enough. But if those heroes are so strong then wouldn’t they be picked even if we didn’t have role queue (which is what the topic’s about)? GOATS (or any meta) is a good example. We had metas before role queue. At the highest ranks people just play what’s powerful.

Your toxicity aside, that’s what the mute option is for.

Which, let’s face it, is soft throwing.

That’s their choice and, again, that’s what the mute option is for.

Again, mute.

You do realise there’s a mute option, right?

I don’t play anymore so who cares but if you have 4-5 people in chat you can all report the player not joining for AFK and offensive language. It can often trigger a ban if you do it enough.

it is soft throwing and me and my mates had a great laugh getting the banned message for someone who would not join chat.

That is true but for some reason Mei more than any hero before is just terrifying for main tank players. I do not remember a hero just being that…(whats the word I’m looking for)…relentless?..no…ah!..oppressive…that’s the word I think.

Hmm. Doomfist used to feel that oppressive when playing a tank. “Oh, you want to hold this corner? Punch LOL unlucky.” Brig 1.0 also made tanking (at least main tanking) feel pretty vulnerable.

But broken heroes in the past aren’t an excuse for broken heroes now. So all of that aside, I still wouldn’t ban Mei because I do want a Mei on my team.