Why can't we get a global healing nerf?

If you are referring to my “solution” I think this would lower dps queue times bc maybe some players will find it more fun to play supp now and have an impact on the game

It was a response to the idea proposed by the OP

On a tangentially related note, I don’t like that a comment responding to the comment right above it doesn’t show whether or not it’s in response to that comment or to the thread at large… makes things kinda ambiguous

It don’t have to happen overnight I would be fine with them including it into ow2

Uhm, if sustain dmg is completely negated by taking cover and healing most of the time…it is the right way isn’t it? U want to buff the sustain dmg dps above your healing so that healer would be as misable as healer getting nerfed? Comon bruh, the fundamental goal of healer and dps are in conflict.

Can we stop harshly altering heroes that aren’t DPS for awhile?

A third of the roster was severely changed in the short span of just 5 or 6 patches. All that to not eve challenge the meta or improve queue times. I’m tired of it. It’s time to put support and tank gameplay as priority.

Unless it’s to address Mercy’s design issues, which lets face it it’s gonna happen because they don’t care, I don’t think we need big support or tank changes, rebalance tweaks surely, but the revamps and harsh nerfs need to start in the damage roster now.


He said this:

I guess what he means is that since the game used to be more based around teamwork, casuals (which generally don’t coordinate that much) had less impact on the overcome of the match and that was not psychologically good for these players trying to reduce stress playing video games, teamwork build more of a good hype for the competitive scene like OWL.

But the other problem I see, that he didn’t mention obviously, is that the most individually capable heroes, like those good for solo queue, such as Hanzo, Sigma, Orisa, Baptiste, Moira, these generalists and multitasker heroes, are the ones proving to provide the most value making teamwork reliant heroes obsolete in comparison.

All good healers have been nerfed over the last months ? what more do you want ?

As I said and I think I speek for a lot of people if I say that if I wanna play a game were individual skill is worth more then teamplay I can go play any other shooter but Overwatch isn’t like any other shooter and it shouldn’t be

Maybe not many DPS players but Supports and Tanks though

I don’t think they are going to abandon teamwork from now on, I just think to expect more individual value heroes (or less teamwork heroes) to appear more often as strong picks influencing the overcome of the matches. I, personally, would rather have both ways to be competitive possible, but it doesn’t seem to be the state of the game right now…

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So… 3 Damage heroes are the issue because they can delete a healthpool with no chance for healing to do anything about it? Doesn’t sound like healing would be the issue…
Overall Consistent Damage is decent… it’s just outclassed by rediculous burst heroes with little Drawbacks when they hit their damage to justify the amount they do…
Easy solution… nerf the burst. Nerf Widow/Hanzo/Doom in that case so they actually have more drawbacks to them. if those heroes aren’t go-to picks anymore because instantly deleting someone from a fight, either with extreme range or the ability to pretty much always escape anyway is to strong in this game at this point.
Put one-shot power down and the game with get consistent Damage heroes back.
Keep nerfing the other classes and you don’t have to wonder if you have to wait an hour to play some Quick Play.


They should make it so you receive less healing shortly after taking damage. That way we’ll be able to kill things through healing without a one shot, without messing with out-of-combat healing.

Do you not realize that if you nerf healing more, then the problematic dps heroes will become even stronger as well?

We already have less healing in the game than ever before.

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As if Support mains needed another thing to suffer over.

Aren’t the problematic dps heroes considered to be Hanzo, Widow, Doomfist, Mei, and Reaper? Two of those can completely ignore healing, one of them can pretty much ignore healing, one of them gets value from chain freeze moreso than damage, and one of them survives anything with life-steal and a pocket healer. It would be a much bigger boost to heroes like Tracer and Soldier.

You’re all missing the point. I don’t want to nerf one-shots because I don’t think they’re the problem. Widow and Hanzo have existed forever and their one-shot potential has barely changed since launch. It’s only after the introduction of these super healers that their one-shot ability really shines. Back in the day mercy was considered a main healer and she was capable of doing what? Like 60hps to a single target lol. Ana does like 70 or 75 to a single target too. Baptiste and Moira can do that to multiple targets at once while having more defensive and offensive tools.

Maybe we could change widow/hanzo charge up to make one-shots more difficult but I wouldn’t count on it. That’s something people have been asking for forever and blizzard hasn’t even hinted at it being a possibility. And again, everything has already been done to try and counter one-shots except one-shots themselves and the massive healing and we already know nothing will get done to widow/hanzo ability to one-shot.

I’m not even sure what Jeff is talking about since the majority of new characters have been independently driven and there is very few characters that are teamwork driven characters for the past several years and I’m not even including any changes to older characters that push for independent behavior. Most of those characters we do have that push for teamwork end up punishing the player for the team not working with them rather then rewarding them for working as a team.

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Not going to happen, since DPS are majority.

This is about benefitting them. It’s their queues.

There is no winning: it’s choice between fast queue + slow games(because tanks and supports slow games down), or slow queue + fast games. But players want fast queue + fast games.

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