Why can't Ana self-heal?

Right? She’s shooting needles, you gonna tell me she can’t just stab herself with a needle or something?

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It’d probably be better if she heals off enemies.

I think a passive where she heals a portion of healing dealt would be the easiest to implement and least broken. I don’t normally mind healing with the grenade and would suggest buffing the cooldown so she could use it more often but don’t want to do that since anti-heals more frequently could potentially become problematic. Alternatively, they could put healing/antihealing grenades on separate abilities with separate cooldowns, or let her choose which effect to use à la Moira’s orbs.

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Yeah I didn’t know how much she healed, it can be less, like 20hps/15hps.

Yeah, should she be able just to like shot her self in the foot or something.

I agree with you although 50% is too high. Ana shouldn’t have every support survivability weakness (no defensive ult, no self heal, no high dps, no mobility). It leads to a way too many deaths for this poor granny.

I think the problem with her ‘weaknesses’ is that she already has too many.

She gets shut down by dive & barriers, no mobility and no self heal. I think the first two is already enough to make her ‘self-heal’ weakness, unecessary. I get that shes supposed to be hard to play, but making her hard to play for the sake of it without addressing her issues is a problem.


I disagree. Ana wasting her grenade comes from having fought off a flanker or receives chip damage where she’s low hp. Because of this the next attacker can easily kill her due to being below 200 or 100 hp. She needs to heal outside of a skirmish with an attacker so that she can again defend herself. This gives a fine weakness because 9 times out of ten Ana is going to use her grenade while defending herself anyway. It’s after that causes problems for her and her team.

Or at least just an idea, when she shoots enemies make a very short effect to prevent healing. Roadhog gonna heal, shoot him, can’t make full use of healing.

This wouldn’t help her survivability, only make other players hate playing against her (and those magic words means a nerf meteor)

Drink tea to regain health!!!

I think it’s also a super hypocritical philosophy for them to have, I think Jeff was the one who said this and it was a bit after the crazy overbuff to Hanzo


Ana heals herself 15% of healing done by her Biotic Rifle

There ya go, Ana is in a much better spot WITHOUT touching her numbers or her kit


No doubt you’ll get people trying to argue that Geoff said they won’t change her weaknesses, so let me stop them in their tracks by actually quoting the post in question:

The highlighted part is the important part. It’s basically saying, “IF A HERO’S WEAKNESSES ARE TOO MUCH, WE WILL BUFF THAT PART”.

27 of the 28 heroes have at least one form of mobility or self-sustain. The only exception is Orisa. Of the others, 2 heroes stand out as lacking any good mobility/self-sustain. McCree has a 6m roll on 8 second cooldown (for context, the only mobility abilities with a longer cooldown are Sym’s Teleporter, Rein’s Charge and Pharah’s Jump Jets), and Ana has a 100hp heal on 10 second cooldown.

That’s all they each have. In both cases, I would class both as having weaknesses that are too severe. It’s something nearly all the rest of the cast has, it’s not that valuable for mobility/ss in either case, and both are on long cooldowns. Ana needs to either get better SS, or some mobility. Now that’s not to say that her Nade needs to be on a shorter cooldown, the anti-heal part of it IS deserving of the 10 second CD, but she does need better self-healing.

I imagine Ana bringing out a cup of tea drinking it and saying “ahhh could use some sugar.”

I like this idea. Make her the only hero that can look down and see her own feet so she has to take the time to aim downwards to shoot and heal herself.

i think all healers should have self-heal, like zenyatta and mercy have.

I mean, they are healers, so why would they only be able to heal others and not themselves? Ana could just shot herself and then heal herself, it does make sense right?

BUT it only should happen like zen and mercy self heal, they just heal after some seconds not taking damage.

What if Ana get an ability where she brings out a needle and heals herself but also increases her speed.

Yeah, it annoys me that a more skill based healer doesn’t have a self healing passive.

Well see there’s the problem with her kit. Ana should really be using her nade on tanks or low hp targets and sleep for flankers. But guess what sleep is hard to land on flankers, so much so that even OWL teams don’t trust their supports on Ana. I mean you even said it yourself, “Ana wasting her grenade…”

Sleep dart needing a buff is the root of the problem in her kit.

I still think she should heal off enemies, because healing off allies in team fights is unreliable. Considering the travel time of your shot to your tank versus the burst damage a flanker or sniper will do to you, the damage will outpace the self heals. Even if Ana scopes her tanks for immediate heals, she will be easy to headshot.

Also healing off allies would be way to passive. Every support in Overwatch has to actively react to a damage hero. As Ana, you have to react by landing sleep. Zen reacts by discording and damage, Mercy by GA, Brigette by stunning etc. Healing off enemies would better support active gameplay.

healing off allies would reward ana directly for doing her main job. After defending against an attacker, she’s almost always going to be behind in healing her team so hitting enemies instead of her team would be counter productive. Healing her team and herself to get ready for the next attack would be more reliable.

Also I don’t see how healing off team mates would be more unreliable than team members when allies have hitbox buffs and her unscoped weapon has a hitscan sized hitbox. It would be much more reliable hitting friendlies compared to enemies especially when not scoped.