Why can’t Sombra hack Brigitte’s passive?

How do you know that?

the hack change patchnotes. They specifically mentioned that. Movement passives and lucio’s healing only.

Wouldn’t that mean she shouldn’t be able to hack Lucio’s wallride, at least not when he isn’t using it while hacked?

brigettes healing aura should be hacked imo
just not the healing she does for herself

It seems like they expect Brig to do well against Sombra. Her ult gives armor instead of shields so EMP does nothing except abilities. Kind of hard to trans-locate if your stunned.

They didn’t frame it exactly as movement passives, but they listed every single ability it affects as opposed to some arbitrary undefined group.

But you have a point.

I found the patch notes themselves for anyone interested:

But in this case, the question is, why isn’t briggs healing disabled like lucio’s? seems inconsistent.

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the question here is, why is lucio’s healing on the list in the first place?

briggete’s healing lasts for a couple of seconds. It’s already a limited AOE healing. Unlike lucio’s that lasts forever. That should be enough of a drawback on its own. No need to include hack to that in my opinion.

Briggete is not OP. She’s just a very lazy design in my opinion. She’s just going to be another hero which is too good for lower ranks and too garbage for higher.

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Good question lol, I agree that if Lucio’s aura goes away, so should Brigitte’s.

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Brigitte’s passive is tied to her Primary Fire. For it to technically stop the passive, it’d basically force Blizzard to allow Sombra to hack her primary fire. Which I’m sure, we can all agree wouldn’t happen due to consistency among the other heroes.

I absolutely agree that it shouldn’t affect Lucio’s currently played song as he already couldn’t switch out of it or amp it up.

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Or that, it should either block both, or none.

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Lucio’s ability to heal is not a passive. It is a regular ability. Lucio’s passive, Wallride is an ability without a cooldown which must be activated. In the case of heroes such as Reaper, Mercy, Brigitte, or Junkrat, their passive abilities are always active and do not require a trigger so much as they require certain circumstances to be met. Mercy’s requires her to avoid taking damage for one second, Reaper and Brigitte’s require damage to be dealt, and Junkrat’s requires him to die. There is a very clear difference between these heroes’ abilities.

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Lucio healing and speed boost are actually not his passive, it belong to his LShift (Crossfade) which he can press it and switch between healing and speed boost. The hack simply shut down the ability and also his value
And Sombra’s hack can only hack passives that require a button to press (Pharah, Genji, Hanzo, Mercy’s hover (not the regen)…)
Brig’s passive is heal whenever she deal damage, it doesnt require a button to press and you cant hack melee and weapon

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I believe the reason Sombra can hack Lucio’s aura is because they were aiming at all mobility/positioning related abilities with that particular change. Hover jets, wall climb, double jump, glide, wall ride, and speed boost.

Except that for Lucio’s specific case, if speed boost is disabled but not healing, then you have a situation that can be summed up with “hack disables Lucio’s aura…but only sometimes, and it depends on which one he has active when he’s hacked.” This is no bueno from a design standpoint. So his auras in general get shut off instead.

It’s a scenario in which I think the devs pigeonholed themselves into sticking to their guns when hacking Lucio’s passive is so obviously wrong.

Same reason neither Moira nor Reaper lose their passive when hacked, they’re linked to damage specifically, which is not targeted. I agree Lucio shouldn’t lose healing though.

Cuz inspiration cannot be hacked :joy:

The only passives she hacks are genji, hanzo pharahs jump and mercy’s angelic descent and lucios wall riding. Notice how all these abilities require a button input for them to work. But she doesnt hack all passives. She doesnt hack mercy’s passive healing or doomfist passive shield gain when landing punches or torbs armor regeneration. To make brig passive turnover off sombra would have to somehow hack her swinging. Makes no sense.

No, it shouldn’t. Her passive is also her primary function. Hacking her passive would be like hacking Mercy’s staff.

Those passives are either toggled by Primary Fire or not toggled at all. Sombra only Hacks button press passives and does nothing to Primary Fire. That’s why Brigitte’s passive isn’t interrupted.

So apparantly, Lucio’s Aura is tied into the ability Crossfade. Crossfade makes the aura and allows it to be switched from one to the next, although everyone tends to agree that it’s passively active 100% of the time.

Say hi to lucio :sauropod: