Why can’t Sombra hack Brigitte’s passive?

In Sombras newest buff, she’s now able to hack button pressed based passives. Brigittes passive is button pressed based. I know it’s her main form of healing but Lucios healing/speed auras get hacked away alongside his wallriding too. At first I thought it was because she was a new hero and they didn’t want people to use Sombra to counter her and make her less fun as a new character, but then I remembered Reaper also has a button based passive that’s similar to hers. Sombras buffs make her more viable, but not meta Or anything like many predicted. She’s still a bit weak, so hacking them would make her a bit more powerful. What exempts them from Sombras hack?


Why can’t Sombra hack Brigitte’s passive?

That would be a bug. Sombra hacks everyone’s passive, Brigitte shouldn’t be an exception.


Even though I really love Brigitte right now and hate playing against Sombra, Brigitte’s passive not being hacked while Lucio’s healing and wallride are is inconsistent to say the least.

Personally I think hacking Lucio takes away way too much of his kit, but if they’re really keeping it that way Brigitte should stop healing when hacked too.

Or please explain to us what’s exactly that makes something hackeable or not.


Sombra’s hack doesn’t hack Mercy’s passive (her healing), Sombra’s passive (seeing through walls), Moira’s self healing, Reaper’s self healing, Doomfist’s shields ** unless EMP’d **

Why would Sombra hack someone’s primary fire?


if it’s based on primary fire I think that it can’t be hacked, or if it’s not dependent on a button (i.e. Mercy’s self healing or Sombra’s Opprotunist)


yup, theres nothing wrong with brigitte passive as its based on primary fire.

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That’s like saying she should hack Reapers passive.

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She should not be able to hack Brigitte or Lucio’s passive healing aura. Pretty sure everyone but the Devs feel this way.

Sombra can hack passives that involve an ability button press.

This is why it can stop lucio auras due to amp it up, Genji’s double jump, etc.

But it wont work on Brigitte or Reaper’s passives as they are weapon effects.


No it is not. It only hacks movement passives.

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Ok thanks for answering. This makes total sense

Sombra only hacks passives that require a button press to activate. Not all passives work this way. It’s not a bug, it’s perfectly in line with all other abilities that work the same way.

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Lucio’s healing is hacked because he has to click a button that is not his primary or secondary fire to do it. Brigitte’s passive is activated through her primary fire so it wouldn’t make sense to disable it without also disabling Moira and Reaper’s passives.

Let me know if Lucio’s song is on before you touch a button after hero selection. Ah, there it is.


His speed is, so I don’t understand why that is hacked, maybe because you have to click a button to switch songs so they just disable the songs in general.
Ah, there it is.

Same reason she can’t hack Moira’s leach. I guess benefits gained from doing damage don’t count. I don’t see this as a big deal though and I play sombra🤷🏾‍♂️

the only NON movement passive she hacks is lucio’s healing.

She can’t hack other passives.

Mercy’s self healing, reaper and moira’s lifesteal, etc.

So it should do what it did before, not allow song swap but keep the song on. It’s very obvious to everyone that this is an unecessary nerf to help usher in an age of Brigitte.


Well keep complaining, it’s not like they’re going to listen to people complain about Lucio and revert the change, take a look at the Mercy megathread if you think anything would happen.

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She only hacks passives that need you to press space-bar , like wall-climb ,double jump and wall ride