Why are there so many game with leaver

i got into 4 game in a roll with leaver at the very start of the game. ARE THEY GOING BE FIX THIS STUFF. i just waste over 30 min que. because of this.

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Nothing can be done to stop people from leaving when they want to

Backfill is the only solution that actually helps the team left behind

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I’ve only done the quick play so far but man if the leavers are like that in a real mode I probably will just play the arcade.

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I despise leavers with every Fiber of my being.
“I have no empathy for these criminals.”

Well see its because you aren’t in the rank you are supposed to be in so you’re getting leavers to bump you down to where you belong. If you were a better OW player then you would be able to overcome this, but since you can’t your SR will reflect accordingly.

People dont leave now they just stand there AFK… Had it in 3 matches with 3 different people…

Have you tried posting your replay code so we can tell you why you’re not able to win with leavers on your team?

Wow. Multiple people saying you’re supposed to be able to win with leavers on your team. What version of reality is that?

Yeah I have 1 vs 6…