Why are the Developers Silent on Sombra's Bugs?

Hack is still broken and there’s no visible resposne from the devs. I’ve got a huge list of bugs that make Sombra a broken hero.

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they are probably working on the PTR bugs first … so the patch can go live.

also they said they are working on reinhardt bugs that are hard to fix.

sombra is probably the next.

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Hack has been broken longer than Brigitte has been in the game, and yet Brigitte has had more bug fixes than SOmbra’s ever recieved. Sure, PTR bugs but they could at least acknowledge Sombra’s many, many bugs

I’m pretty sure they fixed one of her hack bugs on the ptr

they could acknowledge so many things

We’ll have to wait and see. I have more cases of Hack breaking on nothing than I do of Hack breaking on a lamp post

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yes thats something that definitely needs to be fixed but for now at least thats one bug thats fixed

Out of how many? One is pathetic considering how long we’ve been reporting these

it is pathetic but it at least shows they know they exist unlike the doomfist bugs that they apparently didnt know about for months

This is what Bastion mains have been asking for about 1.5 years… Well, not Sombra’s bugs, but you get the idea…

What exactly do you guys want them to answer? It’s not like they can come and sit explain how complex the coding is. There is no purpose or use not all of us in the forums had coding experience or even have any idea how Thier program works.

Blah blah. Genji’s deflect hitbox was broken for like 15 years.

Their priority queue is weird but they get there eventually.

Relax fam.

They are working on it probably remember how long they took to start fixing Reinhardt…

“We see the bugs, thanks for letting us know, we’re working on it, we should have a patch out in a month or two”

And don’t give me that coding crap. I get programming is difficult, but it’s literally their jobs to know what went wrong. They set the standard, we’re just judging them against it. If your car broke down and you took it to the dealership to ask them to fix it, they wouldn’t just stare at you silently.

It’s the silent treatment, it is unprofessional and goes against everything Blizzard hold themesleves to be.

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They like to ignore bugs for about a year then fix them. They just mentioned Reins bugs after only more than a year, and look how how long it took them to fix Doomfist.

In about a year they might say something.

He was wondering why there was no response to the issue not question whether they were working or not.