Why are people saying 1-3-2

Neither of those heroes have nearly enough health to fulfill the role of an off tank. Neither do they work well with all the current main tanks. Sombra nor Mei have the mobility to keep up with Winston. Sombra and Mei don’t have the proper defensive capabilities to save the back line quickly. Not like Zarya bubble or defense matrix anyway. The more people talk about this, the more it becomes clear that Blizzard would need to completely overhaul all heroes to make this work. Blizzard should just continue to balance 2-2-2 and find another solution elsewhere.

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DPS mains can always participate in Scrims, or join a Team for Discord Tournaments where they can practice High Level Competitive at any time, it should quench their thirst and help, but it’s takes a bit effort for that.

You can’t expect matchmaking to give you the highest quality matches all the time, you have to seek local/teams through discord if need be or even consider using LFG.

Which would just get longer due to three times the number of people queueing as DPS plus people never queueing to be the one tank.

Jeff said he wanted to get it out to players in the live game or on PTR so it probably is happening. He wouldn’t have posted unless they were seriously considering it, it’s likely to happen.

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You said Off tanks peel and protect their teammates while remaining an offensive threat. That’s exactly what Mei and Sombra do. Sombra is an off healer and off tank but most players now wouldn’t know that because she’s in the dps slot so they expect her to just pump out damage. You don’t need a lot of health to fill those roles you can manage just as well with health management. OW wouldn’t need a complete overhaul I think tanks would need a significant buff and healers could get a little buff and tank killer dps would get a nerf or stay the same based on the tank buffs. Also Sombra does have more than enough mobility to keep up with a Winston, that’s meaningless info but I thought I’d lyk.

The only thing that didn’t really work was 1 support. He’s asking for people to weigh their opinion. You need to re-read the post.

Zarya has a bubble on cool down that can reach targets from long distances. This allows her to stay with her main tank, while communicating with her back line and save a life. D.va has her booster and pretty decent range on her matrix. She can dive with Winston, and if the back line needs help the she can fly to them. Sombra and Mei can only do one or the other. I will give you this though, if the Mei and Sombra actually play like babysitters it could work. However, people don’t play dps to be baby sisters. Mei is too slow to do both jobs effectively, and Sombra would have to waste her cool downs zipping back and forth. Not to mention neither Mei nor Sombra can block damage on specific heroes.

In all honesty, Blizzard would probably have to rework almost all the heroes to make them work in this new comp.

mei has been used as an off tank for 3+ years

mei works great with rein btw

Where did he say that?

Note that he did say, in that monster of a post:

I wouldn’t count on it happening. The entire post seemed to be trying to gently push the message that it wasn’t likely to be coming to the main game.


Bahahahahaahaha like they do now? Dps don’t peel.

I don’t see the issue with the game being altered. The state the game is in rn is awful and I honestly don’t think it would be that hard to implement 1 3 2. Also yea Sombra would use her cooldowns to keep up but so does everyone else Dva has to use her launchers and Winston needs to use his jump.

it would actually work i guess. it redefines tank as any shield class (aside from brig) and then you can just move heroes like hammond, zarya, dva, hog into the DPS category, they’re just fat DPS anyway. or maybe even bring back the “defense dps” category and throw all the off tanks in there, than you can queue as DPS and play something like a more offensive version of hog, dva or zarya, and you can still be tanky enough to stick with the reinhardt, but the gameplay of these heroes would be reworked so much that you didn’t require playing something like rein+zarya anymore, zarya would not be tanky enough to be considered a real off-tank anymore, she would instead be just be defensive oriented DPS which would be good on things like eichenwald. and yeah DPS players would play her or dva or whatever, the skillsets are so similar, like if you can play Soldier well you can be a very dominant Zarya because they’re both tracking heroes that do sustained, not burst damage.

it also officially kills double shield as 2-2-2 killed goats.

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Yea because they have to focus on damage. But if you add another one to the role they would have freedom to do more.

It’s happening, No one goes to this much trouble on a failed idea. They will be releasing it to the PTR or as an alternative mode in order to get real data on balance changes that need to be made.

She is used more like a, “utility dps.” Her only team damage mitigation is her Mei wall. Which Mei players use to do different things. The purpose of Zarya bubble and defense matrix is to mitigate damage. Not to mention Mei’s wall is the hardest thing to use in her kit. Bubble and matrix is much more reliable to use to save a teammate. Think about how often you’ve seen a crappy Mei wall. You really want to depend on that to safe your life?

I agree - the wall as is would definitely not work.

The rest of her kit is pretty Tanky though.

I have seen suggestions to put segments in charges though, so that way she could dull out 1/5 segments of the wall at a time, to clog chokes instead of walling them shut ; if she so chose. Placing a full wall would require more precision though.

Here’s hoping 1-3-2 never happens. Not only does it sound SCARY, but it would 100% be the death of competitive nature of the game.

I’d drop the game and never come back if Blizzard succumbs to dps whining.

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idk when I play on my accounts I play in diamond and masters games

meis who aren’t bad know how to wall off enemies at a choke for a team push, and block predictable enemy ultimates. also, don’t underestimate the power of her ice block. you can save your teammates with her ice block almost as much as with wall which is a lot

I’m not underestimating Mei at all. I’ve seen Mei’s ice block used to save teammates from enemy ultimates while they hid behind her. I’ve seen Mei walls do some pretty neat things as well. Except these things require much more skill to pull off. Defense matrix for example is extremely straight forward. Mei wall has more uses and requires an experienced player to know when to and not to use it. A not very experienced player may use his Mei wall to get up a high place to chase down a kill. Meanwhile here comes high noon and she doesn’t have her Mei wall to block it. An experienced Mei player has been tracking ults the whole time, and knows it’s coming. Bam, Mei wall. Crisis averted and the team is saved. D.va can do preform both these jobs effectively because she was designed to be an off tank. She flys up and confirms the kill. Here comes high noon, she fly’s toward cowboy with matrix and blocks it. Might even kill cowboy as well. Mei can do some off tanky things, but she definitely isn’t one.

Even tho i don’t mind solo tanking, and actually preferred it. Making it 1-3-2 lock would be no better than 2-2-2.

I play main tank in Quickplay, but i don’t actually solo tank that often even in that mode. Eventually one of the DPS switches to an off tank if we need one. Despite people claiming 6DPSes every game in QP. It’s actually about even between 2-2-2 and 1-3-2, leaning heavily towards 2-2-2.

What needs to happen is to make the second tank optional and allow the DPS to switch mid game.

You have a lot more DPSes willing to go Roadhog on Ilios for example.