Why am I suddenly getting micro stutter?

I have never had it before; however, now when I first load a game I get awful microstutter.

i9 9900k
2080 Super

Not sure what you mean by microstudder. However consider starting with these troubleshooting guides to improve either your connection latency or your performance:

Please view this video I just uploaded to Youtube for your consideration.

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SIM spikes on their own point to a hardware, overheating, or CPU usage issue. Your SIM spikes are going into the 100s, so I would check over a DxDiag for the errors at the end, and also check the Windows Reliability History for any errors. You may also want to disable the GeForce overlay as it has been known to cause issues.

CPU never peaks, CPU temps are fine (40C max on an i9 9900k), GeForce overlay disabled . . . still does it.

Can you post some HWMonitor screenshots with all hardware expanded to demonstrate the temps? The links to imgur will work.

You’ll also want to add the DxDiag they ask for in the pinned threads.