Why am I banned from Competitive play?

Today I got kicked from the Overwatch server while playing Competitive play then when I logged back in 6 hours later, Competitive play was locked “Unable to play while suspended or banned”

I just wanna know why I am banned from Competitive if anyone on here care enough to give me an answer.

If it was a connection kick, then you got suspended from Competitive because of the kick. :confused:

as far i know

1st DC or leave = 10min
2nd = 30min
3rd = 2 hour
4th = 8 hour
5th = season ban

correct me if i am wrong (i not 100% sure)


Yeah but sometimes the game kicks me out of the server and that’s not my fault, I shouldn’t be paying the price for Blizzard’s poor server connection. I have been kicked out at least a dozen times and been unable to log back in for several hours.

While there were network issues that affected a majority of our community today, penalties are still applied for disconnections. This is why the penalty starts small at only 10 minutes. Details in this post here:

So if the game’s server crashes 2 or 3 times, there is no way for Blizzard to clean up their mess? If players already had 4 player-leaves but never intended to leave a 5th time and get kicked from the game, they just have to accept being banned from Competitive play?
Do you realize how utterly ridiculous this is?
Well I wasn’t planning to stop playing Overwatch soon but it appears like this is my cue.

When I encounter a first time disconnection, I stop playing Competitive and begin troubleshooting which means first check with Blizzard to see if there is an issue, then move on to checking my own connection and equipment. Finally I test throughly in a non-competitive mode before resuming competitive play. In short, you should only have been hit once unless you jumped back in without taking time to investigate.

Meh, I’m just gonna delete the game and maybe redownload it next season. I really don’t have time for this.