Why 50% boosted junkrat can't one shot?

Because when McCree and Ashe hit you it’s deliberate 80-90% of the time. You cannot tell me that spam simulator.exe is the same.

ba-BAM! No truer truth than that.


Maybe at higher ranks, but lower ranks or newer players just spam in the general direction of the enemy team.

Ok, 70 damage+50% (35 damage) is equal to 200?


WHEN IS 105=200???

That does not mean junkrat cannot be adjusted to benefit those who aim while making spam weaker.

These issues are very easy to fix. It baffles me that they remain untouched.

Also I’ll just leave this here.

Unless it hits a hero, it doesn’t do direct hit damage. That would be splash only, which is a max of 80 depending how close you are.

This is on the right track however. They could simply make it such that once a pill hits the floor, a direct hit will deal the maximum splash damage, removing the impact damage.


The low ranks are the future… one day they should be the high ranks… and they are like the 90% of the players on the game…

You cant destroy low ranks experience…

Only if the target is stupid enough to run into them… But McCree and Ashe is a joke… landing a hit with them is not hard at all. I can play with my feet on a controller and i would still land a hit. Considering how hard it is to hit the target you wanna hit as Junkrat (remember, Junkrat NEVER aims at the target directly, especially long range, slow projectile you know) it is a joke to to tell “oneshooting is not good” while McCree etc. can do it and Aiming directly at what you wanna hit is the easiest thing in OW since it doesnt require any predictions of the enemy. Junkrat on the other hand is a Hero based purely on predictions. Where will the enemy be in 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 seconds? I place my trap here and the mine there and hope someone runs with eyes closed into my trap! Spam aside

Hitscan is the easiest thing in OW if you have experience with fps games a hitscan hero is the way to go as a beginner hero in OW since all you have to focus on is at your crossair.

You may say that a Hitscan lives in the present time and shoots his bullets on those who live in the preset aswell.
But Junkrat lives in the past and aims at the future. The present then decides if he hits his target or not.

because we don’t say “haha oopsie” when we dink somebody or lob out persistent projectiles that detonate in a large area

Low ranks is wood, the ones that whine about Bastion.

90% of the community if gold/plat, who do not compalain about such things

Junkrat is an area denial hero. Widow and Ashe are snipers. Area denial primaries dont have to be one shots imho.

Mccree and Ashe are hitscan, Junk is aoe splash damage. You should be comparing Junk to pharah.
200+ is from a crit with Ashe, which is 170 plus boost is 221 (max damage with crit plus 51 for 30% mercy boost). BTW body shots with Ashe are 85 plus boost 25.5 = is 110.5 damage which cant one hit even a Tracer.

Junk, pharah, and bastion (whoever else) cant crit

But they don’t have to, they can spam chokes as well and land shots. You can’t spam chokes with widow, mcree, ashe.

Please, so your telling me people in master/GM would not mind getting oneshot by a junkrat spam?

they should nerf the damage of the bouncing grenade. But a direct impact is difficult to hit, so that could have higher damage.

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Its already like that, 120 direct hit and 12.5-80 slash…you can google it, i did.

He doesn’t get the 60 impact damage unless its a direct hit.

I think that would be kind of OP tbh