Who narrates the Dragons short?

This is what I think too, it would make the most sense as they would be remembering their father telling the the story which their grandpa told their dad first.

At the Overwatch Launch Event Lore panel back in 2016, the devs said the narrator was their Grandfather.


Is mama hong. A wise voice for a wise character


It is Hanzo though I think he’s just talking in second person.

Its not Hanzo. Its their Grandfather father, thanks to Chu below.

Hanzo’s and Genji’s father.


Thanks for the confirmation!


Thanks for the correction!


Thank you so much for responding.

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That makes sense. Hanzo did say to Genji at the end “real life is not like the stories our father told us”. Nice detail :+1:


That’s pretty cool.

Aaand Hero 29 confirmed

Too bad Sojiro Shimada is dead.

There are a few things that keeps coming back to my thoughts. Genji almost dies from Hanzo’s attacks. Genji is assumed with Mercy and Zenyatta to recover. Hanzo is in stealth, making his way back to Hanamura where we see him attacking clans men. So my thoughts is, who was in charge of the Shimada Clan when both Hanzo and Genji were away in Dragons? We know Shimada Clan has links as criminal activities and Talon did want their alliance. But after both Hanzo and Genji abandoned the Shimada Clan, who took over? :thinking:


Right too bad no hero’s parent have EVER come back after being presumed dead before


This makes me want to watch the short all over again :slight_smile:

Reminder that the only character we were ever told was dead, but turned out to be alive later was Genji. He was dead in Hanzo’s backstory, and then became playable 1 year later. Every other hero was either introduced to us with a “came back from the dead” backstory (Tracer, Soldier 76, Bastion, Orisa), or was intentionally left vague and was never said to be dead or gone explicitly (Ana).

Gerard, Antonio, Dr. Winston Balderich, Sojiro, and anyone else who is dead, is dead. Just because its happened once to the viewer does not mean it will happen again, Genji is the exception not the rule.


Other Shimada Clan elders. After their Father’s Death, the elders of the clan are the ones who urge Hanzo to teach Genji a lesson for being a carefree boi. They have this fight and Hanzo ends up killing him (or that is what he thinks he did). After which, he feels extremely bad for what he has done and starts hating his clan and it’s elders and leaves it. The Shimada Clan elders send Assassins after Hanzo a couple times. He even mentiones it in the short.

Some more information: You can see the details of the fight on Hanamura Point B, the sword you see at the Shrine is Hanzo’s. After killing his brother, he vows to never hold a sword again and that is why he only uses a bow now.


and this is why i dont get people claiming hanzo need more lore.

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None of Hanzo’s lore is his own.

Literally all of it is tied to Genji.

Hanzo and Zen are accessories to Genji’s story. And even Mercy to some degree.