Who do you think will join Overwatch in the future?

So now Invasion is out the current team consists of:


(Torbjorn was offered but declined).

Who else do you think will join? My guesses:

Orisa- Winston’s conputer mentions a null sector attack in Numbani so i could see a mission there where she is recruited.

Symmetra- she’s starting to get suspicious of Vishkar, maybe when she finds out the truth she joins OW?

Lifeweaver- would probably join if Sym does.

Hammond- I could see Winston asking him.

Ana and Soldier- maybe they’ll be convinced to return? Or they could stay out like Torbjorn.

Dae-hyun (Dva’s friend from animated short)- there’s a message on Winston’s computer of him and Dva talking, maybe he’ll join as a mechanic?

Also maybe someone from Talon will deflect?

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i hope Widow defects but as of now the chances are sadly pretty slim of how they are handling her.

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Im going to make a bold choice: Sombra

Shes an opportunist but has her mind in the right place. If Talon would begin to do unforgivable actions publicly or if Null Sector would be winning then she would certainly join OW. Or if people like Soldier, Sojourn or Winston would pay her.

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I can actually imagine this

I remember when she was added the devs said she didnt actually agree with talons goqls and only joined for her own gains, i can see her betraying them if OW offers her a better deal (maybe baptiste convinces her as the two were friends) Hope she brings Sigma with her!


and Widow aswell. i mean, like Sigma, Widow is just a Tool for Talon and also is not part of Talon by her own choice. She could even have ties with some Overwatch agents. What if she was good friends with Mercy? Hell, Mercy even has a Voiceline regarding Widow “I know shes still in there, . . . if i could just run some Tests”

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Soldier 76 will definitely return, as the leader, I doubt he would leave his team alone in a time like this.

Ana will probably return too, since she would want to keep an eye on Pharah. Brigitte is not alone, she has Reinhardt, so Torbjorn is not much worried for her, that’s why he stayed behind I think.

There was a guy called Emre Sarıoğlu who worked with Overwatch in İstanbul during the first Omnic Crysis, I hope he will be back too.

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Forgot about emre, would be cool to learn more about him

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I agree. The possibility of seeing mentioned minor characters are always exciting. Especially if they are from your country :smiley:

i think she’s been working with winston since the recall but as a spy and winston will only reveal her at a last chance/opportunity, cassidy may have knowledge about her at most him other than winston or even just Cassidy has been dealing with her .

Just like Lucio, she’s always been a fan of Ovverwatch since she was a child, even though that’s why she makes fun of reaper, doomfist and widow, she’s not afraid of them like everyone else at talon is.

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I hope Kiriko shows up to join Overwatch as well as the other overwatch members in the first winston cinematic that showed the hiding Overwatch Agents show up and join the Reformed Overwatch.

I cant really see her wanting to leave kanezaka tbh

I honestly think there is too large a list of good heroes available compared to the variety of villains/mercenaries. and I’m a bit sorry, because it makes all the villains potential boss fights even when they technically don’t deserve it due to their not very high rank in their respective factions.

Lifeweaver, for example: he is the hero made in Vishkar, a bit of a missed opportunity to have another villain in addition to Moira (regardless of whether you like the character or not).

I doubt that any hero/villain we have in the game is suitable for a boss fight, at least with the formula that Blizzard is currently using.
Boss fights or PvE in general are only based on how much HP the opponents have and how much dmg they do. Yes, bosses have one or two special mechanics, but they aren´t really that interesting.
It would just be strange if you suddenly fought against Moira and she had 3000 hp.

I’m generally a bit curious to see how Blizzard approaches it when heroes meet in PvE, which is to some extent pre-programmed in the next bundle (if there is one at all) with Widow and Sombra against Zen and Genji. Will we only see the heroes clash in cutscenes and otherwise we will just finish off the enemy bot again to get to the next cutscene?

I definitely agree with need more playable villains

Bastion has joined Overwatch already. He left Gothenburg with Reinhardt and Brigitte and the post mission bio states him as a new recruit

How many Villains are there in Overwatch?

Doom (Talon) (Leader)
Moira (Talon) (Concil Member)
Reaper (Talon) (Concil Member)
Sombra (Talon) (IT)
Sigma (Talon) (living Weapon)
Widow (Talon) (living Weapon) (Assassin)
Junker Queen (Criminal)
Roadhog (Criminal)
Junkrat (Criminal)
Ramatra (Null sector) (Leader)
Symmetra (Vishkar) (maybe defected?)
Ashe (Criminal)

but many are a grey Area. Sombra works for her own goals and could betray Talon, Sigma and Widow were already part of other posts,
JQ, Junkrat, Hog and Ashe are just criminals but not necessarily criminals.

The only Chars i would count as real Villains are Doom, Ramatra and Moria, maybe Reaper.

I hope Mercy gets her hands on Widowmaker to undo the brainwashing, honestly. She has a pregame voiceline “I know she’s still in there, I just need to run a few tests” (or something to that effect.

Widow regrets (if only secretly) killing Gerard. She visits his grave, puts roses there, holds onto their wedding photo, even comments to Soldier 76 about him leaving lilies on Gerard’s grave and that he prefered roses. Clwarly she cares, the brainwashing and emotionlessness is cracking.

I’d love to see Widowmaker’s relationship evolve with Tracer, Soldier 76, Ana and Pharah. Tracer and her have fought twice, Soldier hates her for killing Gerard (regardless of the brainwashing), she shot out Ana’s eye, which means that she hurt Pharah’s mother.

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