Wheres my overwatch game?

wtf blizzard, my account and everything got deleted for overwatch without warning. i have used so much of my money on this game, spent so much hard work just to get my account wiped? it didnt say i was banned or anything, one day i woke up and it says i need to buy overwatch again? now i bought another copy with a different email, and now its suspended for throwing comp games with a 6 stack that all agreed to it. I cant even play widow in comp games i get muted for saying nothing and reports on me for just playing widow. im not even throwing i’ll have 4 golds most times, but i still get muted. please help me get my first account back (this account) i’ve been waiting but nothing has happened.

but throwing even in 6 stacks is still reportable, you are ruining lower ranked games when you climb back up

so its really worth being suspended, wow

in my opinion i think so you could possibly ruin hundreds of games

Hey F0RCE,

The forums are not an avenue to contact a Game Master or submit an appeal. If you believe the penalty to have been applied in error, you can submit a ticket via this link, unless you have already been told that no further appeals will be reviewed.