When will they fix the rendering device lost error?

I cannot play this game because of the constant crashes, I have tried everything in the book. I really really wish I could enjoy playing this game, but I crash every other game and it makes me so sad. I absolutely adore OverWatch but I cannot play it and it drives me crazy. I have a AMD RX470 Please Devs! I beg you to do something!!! this only happens on Blizzard Games!!! :((((

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This is a local issue you’re experiencing, not a problem with Blizzard’s game client itself. Have you followed the steps to resolve it?

I think it is a problem with the client. None of that resolves the issue for me, and Overwatch is the only game with the issue.

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I have the exact same problem… I have now lost 500 SR in total with these random Render Device Loss… it ONLY happens with OW… what is going on? I’ve tried everything

The client is not giving all players this error, and it’s likely a conflict with other software you have installed. I’d suggest submitting your dxdiag in a ticket to Blizzard.