When will Hanzo ever get adjusted?

There is some legitimacy though to Hanzo’s who just fire arrows at corners and can score a few with those who are peeking there sure but 98% of Hanzo’s will be aiming and tracking you.

Hanzo requires a lot more precise aiming and tracking than Widow because it’s a projectile. Having played him now and Widow for a decent amount of time I can say this is a fact.

It takes A LOT of practice, so what you’re posting about is probably cause you went up against a Hanzo who knew what they were doing.


Hanzo need a nerf or rework on the Storm Arrow ability.
He actually can melt tank (and anyone) in close, medium and long range.
I’m sorry, but this is stupid af.

He’s at no particular disadvantage compared to almost any other character, in fact his leap and climb are beneficial to avoiding at least Tracer, along with his potential one-shot negating her ability to Recall. He’s also one of the few characters that can force Genji to engage him on high ground as he also has a wall-climb, not every hero has that positioning option.

I’ll bite.

Because not only is it projectile and not hitscan, there is also arrow drop.

For the reasons stated above. If a Hanzo headshots you cross map, your movement and awareness of Hanzo’s LOS needs work.

I’m genuinely not saying this to be rude, but I’m going to imagine you’re of a mid-lower rank, yeah? Say mid plat ish or below. If you’re having so much trouble dealing with Hanzo that you came to the forums to complain about him, I think it has to due with your personal ability to deal with him and not Hanzo being overpowered.

Keep in mind that Hanzo has a 48.80% winrate right now. One of the lowest in the entire game. The way you describe his kit is as if he’s an unkillable, unstoppable killing machine. This is not the case.


Because projectiles in this game have no falloff.

Because projectiles having no falloff means the damage stays consistent vs. hitscan which has a far more consistent hit registration.

Huh? Every other DPS, aside from Widow, can hop around and shoot while Hanzo has a “charge and crawl” mechanic, actually.

What type of consequences do you have in mind? Should his ankles shatter slowing him down with each jump?

The game stated that Hanzo is a sniper but the devs have stated that Hanzo was designed to melt tanks. I think it was their intention (evident after the rework) that he remains capable of great damage. I believe Hanzo was designed for this game and not other FPS’s, so the rules of what a “sniper” does can be different (I mean, Ana is a healing sniper with no crit or access to high ground). Hanzo has all the tools to climb around teams and flank enemies from afar vs Widow that holds deadly long-range sightlines. If you plan on just playing him as a Sniper from the backlines then your projectile-hero will only take you so far.

Also… :joy:

Two posts above yours is someone going on a tirade over Hanzo being the “biggest fail that ever ever ever was brought into this game” and how “Projectiles have too much advantages over hitscan”. No one complaining about Hanzo will step in and question their logic. People on their side of the “hanzo politics” will simply vote a like and move on.

OP literally have been making these posts for over a year and still thinks of Hanzo as…

(Kind of funny that OP makes a sensationalist post and dips out while everyone argues and he/she farms likes. Is this the real way to retain Level 3 in this forum?)

So I think PezLex’s statement was appropriate in this situation, friend.

Yes, exactly.

Well, that is the point of the skill and the nature of projectiles, friend. :slight_smile:


Hanzo is a fine hero, maybe another rework of his E will be cool, I miss the old Hanzo.

Now these days peoples switch to Hanzo even if they are really bad for countering my Bastion ninja.

Some high ranks streamer even call him Spamzo, what a terrible rework.
Seeing Wraxu on the old Hanzo was so much better.

The dev also said they missed the old Hanzo, on his projectile speed. I tried looking at all the post in my history during 1H but I can’t find the post.


I just hate how he literally has the biggest arrow hitboxes and they are more like logs then arrows…see for yourself

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Because it’s a projectile and if we had to implement common sense in OW then Pharah primary fire should be doing 300 damage per shot.

Hanzo arrow have the tiniest size of all projectile in overwatch.
Also your gameplay is outdated. Since they nerfed it, then they ajust hitbox on all hero.


Smallest projectile…and a video from 2016 comparing a hitscan hero (Soldier) to a projectile? :joy:

I understand what you are saying. I did like the more “slow arc arrow” feel but I feel like the faster projectile speed was much better for Hanzo’s relevancy in this game.

I can appreciate what Geoff is saying – I feel like they couldn’t figure out how to design Hanzo with the same slow projectile arrows without either making him a monster or UP. Some people suggest letting him fire even more arrows but half damage, others say give him even more damage but fewer arrows. (Both ideas would be hated)

This was probably the “good middleground” the team had to go with to make Hanzo feel fun, balanced and effective. Maybe cool slow arrows could work if his arrows pinned people to floors like long range CC :thinking: People would hate it though!


I’ll replace his Storm Arrow with a smoke grenade, this would make a good sinergy with his Sonic arrow.

But maybe keep this for another hero concept . . .

You can one shot people accidentally with any hero that has one-shot capability, e.g., Widowmaker, Ashe (if they have low health), McCree (again, low health)

You repeat your own self in your one post. What is this bug dude.

After the EDIT, I think one shotting accidentally with hanzo is much more common than HS with Widow, Ashe (even with dynamit it’s not accidentally), and MCree.

Lol what no you can’t. And oneshotting by definition is from full health so…

Cool idea! I actually hope we get a hero that can create smoke screens that do small dot damage. :joy:

It would be a form of non-ult area denial and a counter to Sombra without anyone having to be nerfed.

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So I can’t spam shots as Widowmaker and get lucky? Spammaker. Hanzo actually has more variables to account for, so, if anything, he isn’t really a problem compared to other aim heroes. Like every other aim hero, he has to have the precision/hand-eye coordination to aim at the right spot and predict where the enemy’s head will be by the time his arrow reaches them. On the other hand, a hero like Widowmaker doesn’t have to do any prediction and can headshot people instantly. For 300 damage and at any range. That’s 50 more damage than Hanzo gets for his headshots, enough to two-shot a Roadhog, and it’s hitscan. Hanzo can’t really snipe at long range (from total safety) like Widowmaker either because the time it takes for his arrows to travel makes the probability of landing a headshot extremely low for even the best Hanzos.

Considering the previous, it would make more sense if you were complaining about Widowmaker than Hanzo because Hanzo isn’t really an issue in this game. He actually requires more skill than other heroes by virtue of being a projectile-based character.


Also when are you going to fix the tick rate?. Make the shots legit instead of being “family friendly” and this goes for Widowmakers too.

Footshots/Fingershots/Ankleshots/Shouldershots/Thigshots that COUNT as HEADSHOT? Like hello??? The Kill cam showed that I moved and your shot was on my leg wtf?

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Doomfist’s projectile shotgun says ‘Hi’

Good question I guess it is because he is a sniper :wink:

But yes I wish they would change the spammy aspect. Simple solution would be a sniper arrow with high speed and higher crit damage with all pro and cons Widow has. While his normal arrows then can be adjusted to not be op. Also I wish the sonic arrow would just be a ping, therefor have no cooldown

But it can be compared to Mei’s icicle which is both a faster and larger hitbox which does not have falloff, it can also be compared to Zenyatta’s which travel at a similar speed and again has a larger hitbox with no falloff

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