When was Sombra's Demon Hunter Skin coming out again?

I am thinking it will be an mini-event, like the Nano Cola and Bastet challenges… most of the $40 went to the event, not the skin… and they said it was coming, but I agree it won’t be just in a loot box unless its for a mini-event.

They have never released payed items as free ones before. just saying.

That said they did say it would be available… not sure how else they plan to make it available unless its not part of an event, otherwise it will have to “bought” using coin on the Live server…

My guess is it will be included in some purchase for diablo immortal.
Maybe pre-order or some item bundle if it is f2p.

Hey Myst, don’t think you could use your Tech Support powers to conjure a dev to tackle this issue… and this one: Switch Roadhog and Mei Roles? (Everyone here seems to agree.... so why not?)

http s://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/notice-demon-hunter-sombra-will-be-available-outside-of-virtual-ticket-at-a-later-date/209234

If they do it by having to acquire some other property like Diablo people will be pissed

technically it wasn’t a payed for item. people “payed for blizzcon access” and this is one of the multiple complimentary items that came aside from that cost.