When does the latest PTR changes come live


Good evening everyone,

Can someone tell me when the latest announced changes will come live.
The patch with GOATS nerf & reaper buff.

Would appreciate it.


they update thursdays and saturdays usually
it might come in two weeks because of baster event


Probably January 22nd (they like to take around 2 weeks to test)

(Bill Warnecke) #4

Hey there Playshot, no release date on the patch that is on PTR yet. Cheers!


Are there plans for more changes to other heroes besides Reaper, Brigitte and D.Va?


Ooh, thanks! Than I shall patiently be waiting for that patch :smiley:


Hopefully, never. So many of these changes just screw with balance and won’t really fix goats. Reaper needs Shadow Step rework/replace and more versatility to his kit (by that I mean he needs shoot slug shots as an alt-fire). D.Va doesn’t need two nerfs at the same time after they’ve nerfed her like four times in a row (I mean unless they want to remove her critical hitbox while in her mech so she actually has 600 health and not 300 due to how easy it is to get crits on her). Bridgitte…actually I don’t mind the nerf, this is something they should have given her a while back.


There. I fixed it for you


As much as we can hope, PTR always goes live with basically no changes. I think Reaper/Roadhog shotgun pattern and Ana grenade were the only two changes that didn’t make it live as first shown.

Also, this patch has nothing at all to do with ladder balance, so our feedback is basically irrelevant.


Dude, she got like 4 nerfs at once with this patch. They went way too far

On everything


I test the recent PTR patch and the armor nerf for me is too hard, maybe we could revert it to -5 and for that, downgrade the armor healing receive at a half ?
This can prevent mass healing to armored target and maybe disable goat meta.


See what happens someone asks politely and courteously instead of a paragraph long rant as to why the devs are bad and should do what we want.


Then that would do nothing to help the dps that armor makes useless.


After the patch there will be a reason to play DPS again.


Junkrat and pharah don’t have any issue with armor, but the mass healing disable them from doing fatal damage.


Well the patch is 100% for owl viewers so probably right before owl starts at least


There were a couple of times changes were nixed. I’ll admit they’re extremely rare, even when everyone says that the changes will be detrimental (and are right).

Yes, the issue with nerfing armor, and then nerfing her ultimate does have that problem. Honestly they shouldn’t even do the armor nerf, it nerfs every single tank, except Zarya and Roadhog, who already have issues with survivability due to their lack of self sustain (Roadhog and Hammond are the only two tanks that have such a thing).


They will need to get it out sooner than later to give teams more time to practice. Especially considering how it will drastically change the meta.


i hope this is a good, and your taking this time to reflect on our feedback


I hope they keep it as is.