When does the latest PTR changes come live


Prediction: Lunar New Year will start on 29th of January and will bring the PTR patch to live.


Yes thanks again for letting DPS be allowed to play the game again! Appreciate it Blizzard.


i dont we dont need to nerf the entire tank lineup including Torb bastion and briggite just to get rid of a meta is unecesary


It also helps the dps that were struggling against armor like Sombra and Soldier 76.


While nerfing a lot of characters that were struggling even more than both of them


Like whom


Like bastion…and torbjorns whom pickrates are at the bottom of the bottom of hte bottom,

torb even got reworked lately and his stats didnt go up by quite a lot

orisa is also struggling abit, and shes going to be reapers free food as long as he lands a single shot on her,


It’s a good thing this isn’t the last patch they’ll ever do. And this means there is more room for buffs to those heroes than right now.


they will probably take another year or two to re-adress them at this rate


Are the devs going to keep a careful eye on that Reaper change?

I’m worried this is a repeat of that Bastion Ironclad buff.


This patch isn’t about actual balance. It’s a patch about pandering to OWL.

Neither OWL players nor viewers care about seeing or using Orisa, Bastion or Torb. Or, plenty of other heroes for that matter. That’s why they’re at best ignored or at worst allowed to be swept up in blanket nerfs.

They don’t care, they’re not after our feedback, this patch is nothing to do with us, the regular players.


We had a dev in here and you people thought the best thing to go on about was PTR?

I want to know more about how they’re handling the racially discriminated former employee :tea:


then shove it into OWL only and leave us, the playerbase, alone, without nerfing our healers for the pros

Seriously, OWL is a stupidly unrealistic scenario, no one of us in ladder play with the same 5 people for months on end in a lag-less enviroment while beeing literally next to them physically

the game should be balanced towards the top of the ladder, not the OWL




Good, maybe time to add some much needed Sym buffs and bug fixes


i mean, nobody complained that orisa had a healthy pickrate in the last overwatch league season

orisa’s probably not even going to be affected by the change negatively with the way pros run orisa compositions anyways


The money is from OWL sponsors. They’re who matter. And the illusion that we play the same game helps marketing both.


Then PLEASE scrap the Reaper change, it’s going to break the game for sure.


Healthy is a tiny niche during playoffs in sniper meta? Okay.

That wasn’t enough for people to start caring about her. Hell, Jeff said himself he doesn’t even like her.


To be honnest, I think reaper really needs a buff.
In higher elo he nevers gets touched because of his incapability off actually doing crap.

His ult is easy to counter and his dmg is only visible from extreme close range which he can barely never get because his shadow step is just bad.

Maybe not the right change at this point in time, but at least when you are close range with reaper now, you can actually survive longer than 1 second.