When do I start getting carried?


Why do I have to fill roles every single game for “dps focused” players and be expected to carry the match all the way to the end by myself? I have 1100 hours pt but im often grouped with silver borders with zero game sense. Tanks aren’t creating space, healers aren’t healing main tanks, DPS running around by themselves yelling at the team until their inevitably sniped or grouped up on. The matchmaker says “play with people of similar skill level” but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I see the decisions most of the plalyers make on my time and often times im just flabbergasted. I don’t care about winning but apparently a decent match is too much to ask for. I hate to feed into the whole “rigged matches” thing because I am yet to see concrete evidence but I genuinely feel like the only reason the game puts me with terrible people is so I can create SOME kind of fun or competitive experience for these 5 people who cant win a game. I didn’t sign up to carry and just like backfill, it should be an option you can either turn on or off. I have invested so much personal time into my heroes, figuring out how meta’s and counters work. Spent long hours on different maps designing game plans. I try and be supportive verbally and emotionally but I can’t take it anymore. It isn’t my responsibility to make a good match, it’s Blizzards responsbility to balance their game so theirs players dont have to do it for them. Why are you treating your playerbase like this?


But you don’t fill roles. I just looked at your profile and you have a ton of time on Junkrat but only like 5 minutes on 18 heros.


you don’t. play what you want


Because we have incompetent people in this world and the fillers are the ones who usually make everyone win. Now, asking if those instalock DPS deserve the win is another question lol If I see why have 3 or 4 DPS, I ask kindly for one to see if they can fill. If not, well, they are a liability until they prove how good they are on the map. If we have the DPS carry or they are doing good? No probs then. If they can’t even get a pick? Ignorant and incompetent and do not deserve the people that flex for them. They should be in QP if they refuse to work as a team.

It’s a shame because sadly, the game isn’t balanced enough for everyone to be who they want and have a good shot at winning regardless of “META” (Or THEY DO and people are just to chicken :poop: to actually try something new since their SR are on the line) I feel it will never be balanced, that is the reality of it. I flex, a lot. I t makes the difference from someone instalocking Widow that can’t get a single kill in the first 7 minutes…


just pick your hero first and whoever is last has to pick what needs to be filled lol.


you are a junk main with a few minutes on all other heroes. that is the opposite of filling


“Fill for every game”
junkrat main with 600 hours


We call that a “big oof”. :eyes:


That play with players your own skill but I get placed against gold borders and sometimes they absolutely destroy my team and sometimes they are complete and utter trash which is surprising because of how much they’ve play to get to gold border