When Ashe bugs will be corrected?

Too often hitting with aimed sight is not detected… and sometimes is so blatant: like 5 min ago, when i fire right in the middle of a big enemy Winston and i don’t do any damage…

Then still remain the transition at 30fps from normal sight to aimed sight… that when u play at stable 144 fps is annoying…

Other than that i think there are some inconsistency when u call Bob respect where u aim. Bob normally come out from “the central position” (“crosshair” direction) but sometimes seem like he come from the “right shoulder” and so he don’t pass a door, or remain blocked from some obstacles…

PS: there still some strange audio problems… volume is not correct… sometimes all is so “silent”, sometimes not.


This is fixed on the current PTR build.

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Only this problem? U have tried it?

I have the exact same problem!
I slowed it down to realize how much I sucked.

Your is not a bug, is only bad aim (and trolling) but this “hit” bug with Ashe is known and real.

See this, for example:

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Have played her quite a bit, and haven’t gotten a missed shot that should have hit.
Is this system spesific?

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From what I understand, systems that run high fps are experiencing issues

I don’t know if is system specific (what system? 144hz vs 60hz?) in any case i found impossible that who play her don’t have at least some doubts… it happen so clearly sometimes…

PS: i play her for about 35-40 hour (arcade time is not calculated :frowning: ) and this bug is really annoying and serious.

It is in the patch notes.

Seem there is a fix only for the “stuttering” :frowning:

Have a 1080 ti, 7700k, running at 3440x1440, 100 Hz.

Also played her on a ps4.

Nearly the same, but 1440p @ 144hz… maybe it’s just you who did not notice this… u see the video i posted?

I have noticed the aiming problem (choppy)
But after quite a few hours i still have not gotten a missed shot that should have hit.

I feel like it was fixed and then with the latest patch, it broke again. But yeah, for a while my shots were registering fine, all of a sudden they aren’t registering correctly. One example is an enemy reaper shadow stepped right next to me, I scoped in right in the middle of his head and it didn’t register as a headshot…

I never see any difference since day 1… it’s like an aimed shot every 8-10 (but is random) is not recorded… and it’s been a while since Ashe came out, too much for a serious bug like this.

I thought I was going crazy. This happens to me all the time. I even went into the test range and could see the problem.

I haven’t been playing Ashe much since she seems broken AF with this bug.

it’s fixed on ptr

PTR patch mention only the fix to the stutter problem…

which cause the weird hit behaviour

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I found this strange, because you can not hit when u are already in scoped view since many other shoots… not only in the transition…

We hope so…