When are we getting a new Defense hero?

We’ve gotten a two new offense Hero (Sombra and Doomfist).

We’ve gotten a new Tank Hero (Orissa).

We’ve gotten THREE new Support heroes. (Ana, Moira, and Brigitte)

Where’s Defense’s new hero? Why did any category get multiple new heroes before all categories got at least 1 new hero?

I mean people don’t really beg for a defense hero, while people clamoured for supports. It’s kind of what the game needs, not really regarding what catergory hasn’t gotten new heroes.

to be fair, tanks and healer should of gotten up to 6 before offense or defense got new heroes, so there would be an even amount in all classes (instead of 8 offense 7 supports, and 6 tanks and defense.)


That doesn’t justify there being no new Defense category heroes though.

Because Defense heroes are just specialized dps. We have plenty of dps.

Because at launch we only had 3 healers.

There’s only 6 Defense heroes. Where did you pull 8 from?

i don’t make mistakes when typing, what are you talking about.

The game does need more defense heroes though. Or rather, the game needs to fix its existing defense heroes. Torb and Mei desperately need some work.

Hopefully our next hero is a Defense hero.

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The easiest and most efficient way to force a change in meta is to release heroes that block a certain style of play.
Reinhardt bunkering down with Zarya was pretty hard to punch through, so they released Sombra. They’ve tried to curve dive comp with the addition of Moira and Brigitte, supports that can actively defend themselves if dived by one or two people.

Other heroes were added because of a “gap that needed to be filled” for lack of a better way of phrasing that. Until Ana was released, Mercy was the only primary support. Rein was the only anchor until Orisa was released. There just hasn’t been a need for a new defense because the others can still hold their own.

Let’s not talk about the Doomfist release. He still isn’t even close to being a completed hero.

Brigitte exists now. She is more of a defense hero than the snipers.

I’ve seen more people asking for a defense hero than a support hero. We seriously need a new defense hero, the category is losing its touch.

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Next hero needs to be another anchor tank. But rather than a shield like Orisa + Rein, area denial. Right now there’s nothing to counter dive other than killing them first. A true damage over time, area denial based tank would finally shift the stale meta.