Whats your total win rate?

I’m not dancing around the subject lmao. I’m debunking your conspiracy theory…
there is no forced win rate, there IS matchmaking trying match teams so they are as close to 50% probability of winning. These are totally separate thing.

*Note i’m excluding my season 1 and season 3. I let friends play my account when they wanted to try out overwatch and it was low bronze lmao. this was before I was into the game(was hooked on ff14)

Season 7: 285,288,16
Season 8: 216,189,12
Season 9: 113,113,12
Season 10: 20,11,0

Total: 634,601,40 46.69% win rate

A side note I climbed every season. the system is not rigged unless you are the one doing.

Season 7: 1450-1693
Season 8: 1600-2500
Season 9: 2500-2800
Season 10: 2700-until(i hope to hit diamond this season. pretty much on track too)

My point here is if the system is rigged I wouldn’t climb. While over a large sample size the win rate is close to 50% this is not representative of the periods when you climb

Statistics behind the system: Math Stuff! really well put together


so 50%.
got it.

ive maintained or climbed as well, at points… has nothing to do with my point… once I peaked diamond in season 7, its been all down hill ever since, despite my record actually being a little above 50%.

so you climbed, (during a win streak) but then eventually you went on a loss streak and got back down, correct? aka 50%…


lolol about what I expected

What exactly is your point in detail? You think blizzard is forcing you to lose?

What are you even talking about?? I have climbed from 1600 to 2764(current SR). I haven’t gone back down to 1600…

I do think that Blizzard match making does put you into scenarios where they do stack the odds against your favor, yes.

This season im 31-30 but im up +100 SR. I am not talking about rating/SR. I am talking about wins and losses.

But the losses, have been stomps. I rarely have a close loss. Maybe 2-3 were close losses. the other 27? You could tell pretty much from first fight or two the game was decided. Even if we cap or held for awhile, it was only inevitable.

Thats my point.

on a season to season basis, i am talking.


you start at 1600
climbed to 2000
then maybe back down to 1800, then you are done with the season and go play another game (as example)

then next season, you place 1950 after placements, then you climbed to 2400, then back down to 2200

then season after that you do placements and place 2300 and climbed to 2600, then back to 2400-2500, etc

the point im making is did you ever finish a season, playing 100% of the season til the very last hour, and finish at your season high - and the answer to that is probably not…


Okay well I refer you back to the reference that wasn’t “relevant”

You want me to read this dribble about cats walking on keyboards and thats why it was a clear stomp lol

ok man.

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Okay i come in peace. I’m sorry if I have been aggressive. I’m a Computer Engineer and very familiar with mathematics/statistics. I’m not telling you this to brag,seem intelligent, or claim i know it all. I’m saying I’m just familiar with the patterns that happen so it doesn’t concern me win I see the way the system behaves

What you’re describing is not anything forced it’s just normal distribution statistics,coin-flip statistics, and cumulative. You can model real data and they fit to standard statistical patterns . the links I’m trying to show give you this information over 1000s of game per multiple random players. Just take a look I promise it’s not dribble, it’s real data used to explain the system.

This is the math:


This is the general explanation(See subsection “Match making”)


total 2555 played
1236 won
1229 lost
91 draws
ive been between 48% & 54% win rate since season 1
its not forced.
im just never improving, never changing.
im average

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Yeah, makes sense, 2500 games later you havnt improved. I believe it 100%.


My total winrate: W/L/T -> 2058/2193/126 -> 49.46% winrate

The reason most people have a 50% winrate is because the matchmaker does a damn fine job of placing people at their respective ranks.


lol okay you are just actively ignoring the data. have fun with that


Main Account
481 games 241 wins-213 losses-27 draws

S2 2169 SR (season end)
S3 2461 SR
S4 2466 SR
S5 2405 SR
S6 2827 SR
S10 3041 SR (current)

Second Account
58 34-24

S3 2506 SR (season end)
S4 2557 SR
S8 unranked
S9 2855 SR

Third Account
127 66-53-8
S5 2112 SR
S6 2366 SR
S7 2578 SR
S9 unranked

Fourth Account
Overall/S7 2650 SR
25 17-8

All Accs overall
691 games 358 wins-298 losses-35 draws

So there’s no forced 50% win rate. First, if it was forced it would apply to everyone, wouldn’t it? Second it’s basically impossible to force someone to have a 50% win rate in the first place. Because if you improve at the game faster than the average player, you’ll always win more games than you lose over the long term. However if you only improve as fast as the average player, getting a 50% win rate is only natural.

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im curious, what do you think the win rate on 358-298-35 is ? Its not much above 50% …dont know the exact math but its like 52% or so… kind of just proving my point…

and if you take away the account with only 50 games played or so (low amount of data), you are basically at 50%

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Thank you for this it was actually informative and insightful!!


OMG… seriously just because it is 50% doesn’t mean it’s forced. If you are going to claim Forced win rate at least try to understand what you are saying.

In every single competitive game there are the “forced” win rate conspiracy theorys. Dota 2, league,OW, Paladins etc this is not some grand conspiracy theory for developers to keep you playing longer. It’s simple, all the games try to supply the player/team with a 50% chance to win. Thats it, in doing so over a large sample set you’re win rate is around 50% . Why is this so hard to understand…

There is just no way they look at a player and say “oh he is winning to much, Time for a lose streak!!!”

It would happen to everyone… people would never be able to climb. Logically it makes 0 sense…

Ask yourself the question.

What would blizzard gain? Seriously? you already bought the game… they are not charging a sub fee… why would they force you on loss streaks?


I had a 75-85% win rate in every other Blizzard game ive played so… nah…

I’m just curious what you think happens in games? if you take the total record of all players ever in every competitive game, you get a 50% winrate. its not forced, its just how things work.


I’m pretty sure you baiting me at this point so this is my last post. I tried to make amends and have a productive discussion but you just want to troll and/or completely ignore any voice of reason or data that debunks your conspiracy theory.

So yeah…

all games have same people as you… blame it all on the system… have fun stuck in whatever rank you are in.

Heroes of the storm:







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Given that draws don’t change anything in Overwatch you don’t count the games when calculating the winrate. This is different for sports such as soccer where you get points for a draw and they actually count.

So basically, my win rate is 54.57% which is imo quite a lot more than 50%.

If we exclude S2 on my main account and only look at my winrate after that, it’s about 60%. In S2, I was really bad at the game and wasn’t even trying to improve. It wasn’t until the end of it that I actually improved at the game. So most of the S2 losses were from the start of the season since I jumped straight into comp at lvl 25.