What's the point in actually trying to play ranked

ive gone 5-2 silver 5(better then 18%) 5-1 silver (better then 50%) 5-2 silver 5(better then 70%) and then 5-2 again silver 5 (better then 90%)

what’s the point of trying in ranked if i cant rank up after playing over 30 games. ive won most of my matches

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There is no point really. Just throw like everyone else it seems.

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If you go worse than 5-1 you shouldn’t expect rank ups, this is just a simple logic. 5-0 = 125 SR. 100 SR = +division, 1 loss is minus 25 SR, so 5-1 evens out unless you have already ruined your MMR with previous splits (cards) or you are in depth of bronze which works different.

This only works under certain conditions.

Lobby rank average and enemy ranks are a contributor and affect those numbers too.

Bro, these two are going from MMR. And your MMR depends on your overall match history in short and long terms, from fresh account to become hardstuck. The more hardstuck you are the less your rank depends on W/L as you have it in close proximity to 50% which makes you hardstuck in general. This is why boosting so popular as it stands for actual MMR boosting and you don’t play like 5-2, or 5-1 or 5-3, you make it 15-0, 20-0 and so on. Your rank goes where your MMR is. 1st you work with this hidden MMR, then it reflects upon displayed rank in accordance.

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I know several people that have won 5 and sometimes 10 games in a row and then dropped rank. I can’t get a single fair match to save my life. The matchmaker is specifically designed to ensure a complete steamroll. These patterns over such a long period of time cannot be attributed to anything else.

Yeah ive won 5-1 and deranked 1 division.
Ive gone 5-3 and ranked up 2 two divisions.

Its not as black and white as SR counting.

Who you win and lose against affects the amount of sr gained or lost by the looks of it.


makes more sense reading over it but the post was more about how it feels like ive wasted my time playing comp then again i just dont like that everything in hidden, like i feel like if ur winning a majority of your matches you should be able to rank up.

You get an attack and defense round.

Unlike qp where you only get one.

It’s pointless. Blizzard said only wins or losses matter. And that seemed to be a blatant lie.

Also. I keep statistics. For the past 50 matches, I probably get 1 or 2 fair matches. When I decided to check my team mates profiles, I realized they are masters. While I’m a plat 5. Of course, the other team was just plat and it’s a steam roll.


Comp is what you make of it. There is nothing inherently meaningful about it. It’s really just a way to track your progress as a player. If you don’t care about that sort of thing then don’t play. If you have a rank you want to reach or goal or something, practice and study the game like you would with anything else to achieve it. :slight_smile:

You won, but how well did you play? It does make a difference. If you’re playing mediocre and the other 4 people win the match for you, you’re going to get a pretty small advancement.

Don’t focus on “just wins,” don’t focus on “big numbers.” Focus on two things; making and contributing to goold plays, and staying alive. K/D/A isn’t the be-all-end-all of the system, but the D part of it definitely has an impact

Let me play on your account, i’ll stream it and get it out of bronze, genuine offer because i’m genuinely curious about what bronze 5 is like

Thanks for the offer but I’m not one to share account security information. Feel free to spectate anytime though.

How about you go and play on HIS machine?

You’re still climbing. But it doesn’t feel that way because they changed from SR numbers going up to this percentage system which feels less rewarding and harder to notice.

Back in OW1 there were no tiers. We categorized the same ranks based on “low/mid/high silver”. Now, unless you reach a certain tier, the game makes you feel like you’re not going up in rank. Because again, due to this arbitrary percentage system.

Instead of this percentage system, they need to make it more visual like Valorant and change it to a progress bar to give a better representation of how many +SR you need to earn to reach the next tier. Even Valorant shows you how many RR (Valorant version of SR) you earn or lose each game even though they also have a tiered ranking system. Overwatch just hid everything.

Track the MMR via match entry screen, ofc if you play below your rank for couple divisions or even a whole rank, your 5-1 would be neglected, and negative value of that 1 loss + previous match history that drove you there in MMR will affect you more that 5-3 in a higher MMR than your actual rank. The game has simple logic and no rocket science, you just need to be better in tracking all these variables as most of them are presented on a go.

I’ve tracked mine and it seems to make sense…

Tank 25/8/23 2:00 W5 - L1 TB1 33%
Tank 29/8/23 22:30 W5 - L8 TB2 46%
Tank 09/09/23 00:00 W5 - L8 TB2 26%
Tank 09/08/23 23:59 W5 - 1L TB1 19%
Tank 15/09/23 00:30 W5 - L8 - D1 TB2 66%
Tank 16/09/23 2:00. W5 - L2 TB1 57%
Next game is silver 5…
Sup 16/09/23 3:30 W5 - L4 SB5 59%
Tank 17/09/23 2:00 W5 - L10 :frowning: TB2 27% ouch
Tank 21/09/23 00:39 W5 - L3 TB2 90%
Tank 23/09/23 01:30 W5 - L4 - D1 TB1 11%
Tank 23/09/23 02:50 W5 - L1 UP TS5 13%
Tank 27/09/23 23:39 W5 - L10 - D1 TB1 28% DN
Tank 29/09/23 00:00 W5 - L4 TB1 51%
Tank 01/10/23 01:30 W5 - L3 TB1 97%
Sup 01/10/23 02:30 W5 - L4 SB5 65%
Tank 01/10/23 23:00 W5 - L3 UP TS5 31%

No idea what you are talking about, i’m just looking to prove the only thing keeping people in bronze is themselves

Wait… By ‘HIS’ you literally mean his computer? Are you suggesting his computer is special? Lmao, come on my man get out of the rabbit hole

The matchmaking is garbage, everyone knows it. Only way to even somewhat enjoy the game is not to care.

The OW Devs are useless.