What was your most popular thread? (post da link)

Ah, that QP losing streak. Fun times especially trying to learn Zen with 5 DPS comps. :sob:

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I don’t even think I made more than just few threads for all the time that I have been here.

Basically me complaining about the community expecting more than what the devs actually told us.



Most comments:

Most views (I think )

Not because I’m talented. But because dev comments

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Mercy Main PSA from waaaaaaaay back when in late 2016 or early 2017 on the old forums. If not that, probably one of the It’s Nerf or Nothing posts but those are old too.


Some of those are more recent than mine, I think.

Also, Mercy Main PSA was early/mid 2017.

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Damn bruh… you beat us. :sweat:


I wouldn’t know off the top of my head, I don’t make many threads and when I do, responses are typically limited.

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i mean this one kinda blew up…

so did this one… And you put the Sigma change live anyway - #158 by SquidwardT-11662

there finally got that to work

yes i am snooping threw all of you guys profiles to find these.


I forgot about that second one honestly.

Still salty about the Sigma change, it wasn’t right

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as someone who used to play quite a bit of sigma i feel you. the entire nerf made me stop playing him all together

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Same here. Orisa is way more fun

My Symmetra salt post.
Even got a dev to comment on it.


My most popular ever:

Yes that is mine! 365 likes and almost 400 replies is quite a lot

OMG. I loved that post. great work. very Inspiring

oh no…

that pun thread is getting the best of me…

:hole: :walking_man:


:black_flag: :yellow_circle: :shield:

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it is, you stole my joke an everything

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I made this thread criticizing a Your Overwatch video that was pretty popular I guess.