What type of Scientists are The Overwatch Scientists?

What exactly do Winston, Moira, and Symmetra study?

The in-game bio states that Mei is a Climatologist which makes me wonder what the other Overwatch scientists are. I’m guessing Moira is in Biotech or a molecular Biologist. Winston is an Engineer I think? And Symmetra is Mathematics?

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As far as I know, Symmetra is an architech and Moira is a geneticist. Winston – err… I don’t know.


Symmetra is an Architech*. She is not a scientist, she just uses Hard Light tech to build infrastructure.

Moira is a geneticist.

Winston is a physicist.

There is also Climatologist Mei. Mercy is not a scientist but a doctor. The Lindholms and Hammond are also not scientists, but engineers.

EDIT: Thanks to comment below, Mercy was a scientist AND a doctor.


Mercy is a scientist and a doctor (as she was the head of medical research for Overwatch).


Thank you for the correction! I appreciate it!


Two more are Doomfist and Junkrat.

Doomfist, if I recall correctly, designed his own gountlet as a further development of previous designs, which would also make him an engineer.

Junkrat on the other hand must be somewhat close to a explosives engineering, while he may be a homegrown bomb builder, rather than having an actual degree, just like Hammond.


I mean, technically speaking, beyond being an architect I’m also fairly certain she counts as a hard light architectural engineer. Hammond was described in another question as “more of a mechanic,” and the lindholms are mechanical engineers.

Oh goody. More stuff we already knew. Rolls eyes.

I thought Junkrat had a PhD in chemistry.

That’s why he’s so good at making kabooms
-imitate explosion sounds-

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winston and symmetra are probably physicists which is the math that describes the universe. Moira is probably an Evolutionary Biologist &/or a Geneticist.

Winston is the kind that could smack you across the room for touching his whiteboard.

Moira is the kind that will give you a bunny for Christmas but that bunny has had augmentations and it can leap from your bedroom through the kitchen and into the front room all without touching the floor.

Mercy is the kind that gets talked down to during a consultation because shes blonde and spends the entire time thinking “Your going in the placebo group hehe”.

And Symmetra is the kind that would construct a portal at the bottom of Niagara falls and a portal in your bedroom for touching her stationary and ruining its symmetry.