If winston gets a scientist skin

Then we will have 2 scientist tanks ant 2 scientist healers.


Pretty sure Meis default skin is her scientist skin as this is the proper clothing where she is.
so 5?

If you consider Sombra to be a “computer scientist” then we could have 6?

There is only 1 scientist healer, mercy is a doctor not a scientist

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Who is the second scientist? Mei still isn’t a tank.

There’s a very big difference between doctors and scientists.


I agree the only scientist tank is winston, and the only scientist healer is moira

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Does Sigma count as a scientist?

Edit: That was a dumb question. He’s a physicist no?


I stand corrected i forgot bout sigma.

Never mind 2 scientist tanks and 1 scientist support, and 1 scientist dps


Ah yes (yes, he is a scientist), man how could I forget him?

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Bruh, you’re a step behind.
The comp is:

Test subject 24 Winston
Dr Dekuiper Sigma
Dr Junkenstein
Eco Point Mei
Scientist Moira
Dr Zeigler Mercy

I can’t believe it that you two don’t know that mercy is a scientist and a doctor ._.

She invented all this weird stuff she uses and ana uses.

Guys… the OP meant Lab outfits…

Inventing stuff doesn’t mean you’re a scientist, even if it looks science-like. Otherwise Torb and Brigitte are also scientists (because engineers need a lot of physics and mathematics in their work). Actually, scientists don’t really invent much strictly speaking, they more discover and research stuff. However, this distinction is pretty vague in Overwatch (because almost everyone seems to invent some stuff here and there).

Anyway, the important difference between medical doctors and scientists isn’t necessarily in what they do exactly (because that can overlap quite a bit), it’s in the methodology and way of thinking that they really differ. If you compare scientific and medical studies at an academic level, you’ll see that they’re incredibly different.

Yeah, I figured as much, but I wanted to make clear that the term ‘scientist’ is quite a bit more nuanced. It’s even somewhat ironic that scientists are always associated with lab coats, even though many (I dare even say most) branches of science never or only rarely use them.


To quote Winston: "THE POWER OF SCIENCE!"

It sure is if it has to do with human biology. It is some future stuff we do not understand. This nano…heal thingy. Maybe it is something interdisciplinary but it is a fact that she is a scientist anyway.

we need an ant-shaped tank