What Seagull wants in OW2

I just want everyone to be nice and have fun in OW again. :slight_smile:


No joke, would enjoy overwatch as a destiny style game. Blizzard could rebuild titan

Right, let’s ear again Seagull , make everything about ow/ow2 for Seagull and don’t care about the community -_-

Probably not a lot played Destiny 1/2 on these forums (I didn’t play for too long) but that’s probably what we’re in for in terms of FPS/Raids.

it seems other people would like raids too.

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Raids could be cool

I say hell no to gear “progression” in OW

The point would be to enjoy playing the content. I mean I don’t know about you but it’s not like I play current Overwatch only to grind for skins. They’re a fun little extra but I play because I enjoy it.

Some of y’all are so used to being held hostage by a gear treadmill that you forgot games are supposed to be fun.

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I understand that but raids are meant for progression and hitting new tiers. Without gear you have 1 level of stale content. Once you beat a raid you gear up for heroic/mythic for more mechanics and less room for error.

Plus you bet the best stuff from raids and if you have nothing to gain from raiding outside of an achievement or spray then many people will not play it.

I feel like something like that would be fine as long as it is only in the PVE game mode. :slight_smile:

This implies people were ever nice in OW

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i thought that he quit playing / streaming OW?

I think one of them grows cabbages now.

Trying to make some form of “global Agenda” sub genre PvE version of Overwatch could be really interesting. I def would love them to just focus on the PvP for now.

I get that’s typically how raids are done, but I don’t think it’s necessary. They could easily just be fun content with interesting rewards like skins, badges, sprays, icons, achievements and possibly random/variable elements so it’s not the same experience each time.

That said I don’t really mind gear progression as long as it’s not a ridiculous rng grind. I play FFXIV and the gear progression in that game is great. It’s not something I have a problem with, I just think it has to be done well. To me that typically means have a token system that guarantees rewards and doesn’t rely on rng.

I think they should do progression like ratchet and clank did where they had additional abilities you could unlock next run through.

He and his minions basically made the moth meta happen since they raised the forums and complained mass res was broken and that mercy needed a rework, because it could never be balanced…even though it was before the invulnerable buff.

Seagull and his minions are a meme at this point because they echo whatever he says EVERYWHERE

I heard about that, really not cool :confused: yeah mercy got reworked, but what about her fans and mains , they were all punched
all for a streamer that leaves overwatch constantly, even xqc is more loyal.

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Blizzard would make it a huge grind. Wow is turning into diablo

All Seagull wants is money, so don’t act like his words are law