What Seagull wants in OW2

Heck yeah, that would boost the longevity of the PVE so much

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Never thought I’d see the day. 2 years ago, no one would have said this.


Raids are probably a bit too much for Overwatch, it requires too much brain and too much cooperation combined with the fact about 700% of the overwatch playerbase doesn’t have a mic or discord.

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Seagull can make his own game then.

Oh wait he can’t, because he has no actual skills besides aiming his mouse.


Chipsa wants widow removed. Make it happen guys.

Delete widow from the game


I hope we get some sort of 10 player missions where we have to fight bosses like that huge omnic in the zero hour cinematic.


Wasn’t Jeff himself involved in making raids?

As if the team is subjected to submit to the expectations of one person

i only know jeff involved with the making of ragnaros raid
i think he is in charge for monster placement or something for ragnaros raid
dunno about other raids sadly
but the way he said i think he is not the only one that came from those old group that involved with the making of classic raids on OW2 developement team

oh so he is a rich streamer, has he donated any money to charity?

Sounds like he needs to download World of Warcraft instead.

It’s a good game :slight_smile:


with how WoW is recently, idk about that one chief.

I would love raids and progression though. That would be sick.

You should have wrote it differently. There was a time in OW history which caused “Seagull says” to be a meme…

But yes, id like to see some raids and progression in OW too. Something similar to Destiny 2

What does tophis want in OW2? Or does tophis not have a mind of his own?

Seagull isn’t even that big and rarely plays overwatch anymore. I seriously doubt the devs will listen to some 1k viewer apex streamer about their game


I thought they wanted leftover food

Then play wow?

20 charcs

Wow isn’t an FPS.

20 chars

I don’t watch many streamers but I like Seagull. He genuinely enjoys the game, talks to his team in competitive, and is always trying to win without flaming people for his audience. He also talks strategy and such with his audience. He’s just engaged and mostly positive, which is rare among streamers.


Destiny gets a lot of profanity removed but one thing they did right was raids (apart from scourge that was 0/10)