What really was wrong with mass Resurrect?

What really was wrong with mass Resurrect?

The fact that Blizz came with sledgehammer buffs when the stats suggested she wasn’t really effective (Cause for the Invulnerability Buff), which removed Counterplay for the most part, unless you were fast enought to kill her before she could get it off… before that you could just kill her and then kill her healer-less team again with ease.

And yes… with the SR exploit fixed (Weirdly happened AFTER the rework) HIde and Rez would have mostly disappeared… sure there’d prolly still be the occasional one that just wants to steal the POTG but esspecially in ranked those would prolly be around… low silver i’d say.


All ultimates are powerful?

Two things. It definitely wasn’t overpowered. We know that historically. Secondly, they didn’t nerf it at all LMFAO. They literally buffed it by putting it on a 30 second cooldown.

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They wanted to nerf it. Wanting and success is different. And they actually succeeded now in some way.

They didn’t want to nerf it. They’ve never said they were trying to nerf it. They put it on a 30 second cooldown which made it more powerful. Everything about the rework was OP. They didn’t rework her for balance reasons. They didn’t succeed with the nerf; it made her underpowered. Apparently success is a hero falling into an underpowered state after being nerfed. :man_facepalming:

It is a nerf cause they didnt made it mass res on 30 seconds cooldown. If it was that powerful she has to be picked now too.

It is not a nerf… It is literally a buff. Someone already explains it and I’ve linked this already. Read it this time. Having Resurrect on a 30 second cooldown means you are going to have it more often. Buff already. It also means Mercy now has the best mid-fight utility amongst the supports. Another buff. I can go on forever.

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What does that guy says is easier than math? 2 res is powerful than one.
If we make Valkrie mass res that is a buff right? So single res is a nerf. They just buffed other things too much

This is off-topic but can y’all PLEASE truncate your Titanium quotes

It just gives me rude vibes idk

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In a vacuum. That’s not Overwatch though.

Because Valkyrie is trash? Not because mass Resurrect is better than CD Res.

No it’s not. I’ve already listed 2 things single res CD offers. The best mid-fight utility and more common resses. Also, CD Res means that tempo resses are more common now. Another buff.

No. Resurrect on CD is the thing that’s buffed too much. Also the thing that made her OP for the past year. That is proven by the number of nerfs Mercy has received to her kit. Only 2 of these nerf directly affect Resurrect on the 30 second cooldown outside of her ultimate.

That was a very rare occurrence, in fact, the only one i ever saw that actually got her the team rez unless we (or the enemy) was blatantly ignoring the Mercy… In, like, Bronze. Console bronze. I used to be Console bronze.

This was happening to you… in PC GM?

I’ll just say the fact that this thread aims for rebutting points made it so that the ‘Mercy haters’ can’t say BS opinions and views of Mercy lol without getting proven wrong.
It’s amazing really.
I’ve don’t see discussions for Mercy like this to be this calm and not just about “NO AIM NO BRAIN MERCY MAIN”.


No. :slight_smile:

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A team uses coordination to remove the enemy and take control of the point.

But one enemy hero hid away and gets to fly in and undo the entire thing whilst being invincible (which was a thing for a while).

They don’t want it so one hero can undo a team’s worth of work by simply hiding and pressing Q.

Also, Mercy’s would often not heal heroes who need it just to attempt a mass rez. It was infuriating to have a Mercy who wouldn’t heal you, and then you didn’t die within the right rez period and had to respawn.

These reasons have been public knowledge for quite some time. You’d almost have to go out of your way to miss it. Heck, I believe even the Dev’s talked about those reasons.

Hiding counters itself, wasn’t encouraged by the ultimate and would’ve died on its own if the SR system was fixed earlier.

I quite literally mentioned “Hide n Res” in the OP.

It wasn’t quite the same. Yeah, the people who just died won’t have their cooldowns back but some people will, especially most tanks who have pretty short cooldowns or don’t use their barriers while they fight (Rein, for instance, will have almost certainly gone down hammering and will probably have had some shield left before he died, and even more by when he got rezzed).

Anyways, the issue is that the team that wins a teamfight (especially a really good, close teamfight) is generally not in very good shape. Only a couple of people might be alive and the living ones probably used up nearly everything they had taking out the last stragglers of the other team. To have Mercy just streak in and uncontestedly reverse the teamfight, well… it really sucks. A lot. Worse that just about any other ult in the game, for the other team. And there was so little you could do about it. Even strategic stuff like saving ults or killing Mercy last doesn’t always work, the person saving the ult could go down or Mercy could catch a lucky shot in the very early fight.

It was just a really cheap ult. Nearly no counterplay, incredibly powerful. It needed to go. I guess it could come back with counterplay, but it would have to have a lot of it. Like, as much or more than Deadeye or Barrage (as the consequences to the other team are actually worse than those two).

A fair version of mas rez is either going to rez a lot fewer people, or get whiffed a large percentage of the time. I don’t know if Mercy players would actually prefer that scenario.

Mass Rez made “cool plays” more likely to instead be “bad plays” where too many ultimates are thrown into a fight.

It honestly had little wrong with it, but certain streamers hated it and had their cronies all come and complain until blizzard listened.

The best analogy I have is that they replaced the entire car because they ran out of gas. Instead of just figured out what happened and getting more gas, they threw it all away and restarted from square one

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More like, it needed a cast time and LoS fixes. It literally didn’t need to go.

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I mean, fixes would have helped it be less cheap, but from a playing-into-her perspective I vastly prefer Mercy 2.0. Even thought E-rez raises more people it doesn’t completely reverse fights and the pause gives it counterplay and a skill floor.

I do still think there’s potential to improve her via an improved Valkyrie or something. Mercy players don’t seem to like the strengths it has (long duration, versatility) and would prefer it a little punchier. It could be adjusted to be more powerful, but shorter.

I’m a believer that dead people should stay dead. I honestly don’t remember mass rez, but I think rez in every iteration will always be a bad ability.

I think the main issue was it was entirely too impactful. Your team pushes in uses ults and wins a team fight, only to have all that ult economy and charge loss and have it all come back at 100% health while your team was probably still licking their wounds and healing back up.

Saying, it’s only to have one ult completely negate all of that and honestly given them a huge advantage in the re-fight is silly to me. I think if they add it back in all members should res at 20-40% health. This would allow your team to win if you narrowly lost or got some key picks during the fight but not erase a total rout.