What people don't get about Mercy mains complaining

I know that and i think that this is one of the biggest issues of the game right now, but i think you missd the message here.
Nintendo is also balancing more for competitive with SSB Ultimate. But still keeps the Fun subject as a top priority, because as i said, games are made to have fun and not to use a glorified spectator cam only for 1% of 1% of the player base.

While i understand that the goal for Team 4 is to balance the game around Pro play, it still makes no sense to remove Mass Res. It was balanced and not even really used in that level of play. So that argument that it won’t return in any way is irrelevant. Especially if we look at the players which forced the opinion which lead to the rework.

Alright and to me what that says is “There is still a possibility it can be removed.” So of course since I hate the ability I am going to fight it.

Because if 1 rez makes Mercy OP, if they brought it back it’d either be worse, or she’s see no play in pro matches, but Blizzard wants heroes to be used, they reworked Sym because she literally saw zero play in pro games. Why would they revert Mercy if the potential for similar scenerio would occur?

Let’s have a better discussion. Open for everyone here.

Your job is to change Mercy.

The rules are simple you can not use a precious patch version of Mercy in any shape or form. Anything you create must be new and must be viable in high pro play without becoming must pick and without becoming over bearing in lower play.

My suggestion:
-Remove cast time from Resurrect.
-Resurrect now has a charge system.
-Charges are only earned by collecting the souls of deceased teammates (press the interact button while facing their soul).
-Three souls are required for a single Resurrect charge.
-Mercy can store up to three Resurrect charges (requiring 9 souls total).
-If Mercy dies, she loses all charges. This way, the counterplay is killing Mercy before she can collect enough souls to Resurrect, while very good Mercy players are able to save up charges and Resurrect multiple teammates at a time.

I’m not in love with it as a concept because I really did like her old ult charge and strategy (pre invulnerability, that is) but at least you would be ACTIVELY doing something and have an objective to complete, so good on you with your suggestion. It seems entirely viable, especially after they tried doing that ‘reaper collects souls’ thing, too.

There are many, very good suggestions out there to give Mercy Mass Res in a fair way, which also allows an E ability. That would be enough to make her viable in Pro play, while not making her OP and still fun for the normal community.

Well… We made a Mercy over the duration of a month with more than 40 players from all ranks (S-T500) and many different heroes.
Under “A Solution” you can find it.

This idea is completely rebuilding the way how Resurrect as an Ult works and adds a new E ability which fits very well into Mercy’s overall design.
So far the idea is very well received. So that would be a very well, collectively created, balanced and discussed way to rework her.

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Remove valkyrie
Rez on Q as one of the following:

  • 15 meter AoE with line of sight restriction, no invuln, and a brief cast time
  • 5 meter AoE with line of sight restriction, no invuln, and a brief cast time, charges quicker
  • 2-3 charges of a single target rez, brief cast time, can’t be used on the same person twice until they respawn
  • A single charge of a single target rez, brief cast time, charges relatively quickly (comparable to pulsebomb charge rate)

Some E ability that gives a small boost to survivability (EG a few seconds of flight) or minor utility
60 healing per second

This rewards Mercy for failing to do her job, which is counterintuitive. Also, if rez is an earned ability (which it should be), it should just be an ult.

The key here is actually making sure she is not a “must pick”. That means ensuring that her abilities and overall kit are balanced in the grand scheme of the game, which means overall a nerf from original status.

Then you can play her if you enjoy playing her. Or not play her because you do not enjoy playing her. Rather than demanding a combination of attributes that are impossible to provide in a balanced game.

She was not overpowered or a must pick with mass rez, and before rez had invulnerability she was underpowered.

I can’t imagine how it would be productive for a Mercy to deliberately let her teammates die, just to collect their souls, especially when she would lose all souls if she died herself. The point of the suggestion is that Mercy can’t save everyone, and when Mercy can’t save someone, this would still let her get value from their deaths.

People are dumb if they think mass Resurrect is overpowered. We’ve literally been through what its like with mass Resurrect. Mercy was underpowered…

Regardless of whether she lets them die, she’s still being rewarded for them dying. She should be rewarded for keeping them alive, not failing to do so.

Teammates are going to die regardless. No healer can save everyone. What this change would do is reward Mercy for staying alive while her teammates died.

Okay? My point is that you still shouldn’t be rewarded when you fail to keep them alive. It’s counterintuitive and doesn’t fit her playstyle. Rez should be a reward for good play, not for failing.

is she a must pick? because she’s op or people have played her a lot because she is well designed and fun to play? if she’s not op, discouraging people from playing her by nerfing her below other heroes is just kind of lowers one good thing so it doesn’t stand out. if she is op, there was a time when she wasn’t and people still picked her especially in competitive.

Being underpowered is also an issue, there was no way to balance mass rez without it being one or the other.

The point is to ensure she is used in higher levels of play, without being a must pick. The previous Mercy does not fit that requirement.

Sure there was, they just didn’t try to. They decided “nope, we’re just gonna go ahead and ruin everything now with a rework no one asked for”.

You’re only going based on what was put out, you’re not considering all the internal testing done before a choice was made to place it on Ptr. If they tried things they felt as a whole wasn’t good for the game then there’s nothing to be done about it.

Seriously what is with this revisionist history that mass rez was always OP? If anything it didn’t even become strong until invincibility was added.