What other hero is being reworked in addition to Torbjörn and Symmetra?

A couple weeks ago Jeff replied to a thread about Torb and Symmetra’s reworks.

Was it revealed who that “someone else” is? Going by logic it can’t be Hanzo, Reaper or Mei, since their changes had already been announced by then.

I sincerely hope it’s Reinhardt or Bastion. Or perhaps he was just hinting at the next hero.

Bet it’s S:76, he needs it the most. :pensive:

Rein doesn’t need a rework , he only need some small buff and bug fix

He’s currently good enough to get the job done, unlike other F-Tier heroes. Not many people are complaining about him being UP or OP, in fact he may be one of the most balanced heroes in the game at the moment.

Speaking of which, they said that they would fix Earthshatter’s bug by April. Maybe they’re working on that.

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New hero that is in the works could be a possibility, giving a reason for why he didn’t said exactly who.

I know, I was being a sarcastic jerk. Jokes aside, I think perhaps Widow…? With all the mobility in game, she’s quite easy to shut down. I don’t know. All the characters seem to be balanced currently save for Sym and Torb.

Hopefully Zarya or Reinhardt. Reinhardt because he’s only actually a threat when the enemy waltzes into his range or a Lucio is accompanying him. He scales with his team’s capabilities, but he’s entirely dead weight on his own. There’s a reason you don’t see this guy much outside of pre-mades.

Alternative, Zarya because she’s so basic she almost doesn’t feel like an Overwatch character, actually. Shoot things, occasionally bubble yourself or an ally, but only occasionally.

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Probably Zaraya - she is one of the most underplayed tanks right now.

Hero 28 :^)

…or maybe they’re talking about Hanzo.
Actually yeah i think he is talking about Hanzo at this point in time. Pretty sure he or Geoff revealed it a few days after this post.