What Makes Up MMR?

Are you playing only with masters+ players? If so…then yes … …

I’m not sure why you think that.

My alt account is 1800…and I play almost exclusively with gold players. I’m assuming that’s just because my MMR is high. I see maybe one or two silver players in my games ever…at 1800 SR.

are you sure those are actual gold players or gold smurfs with high MMR?

No, I’m playing with silver, gold, plats, diamonds and masters+. In comp.

Just yesterday: https://i.imgur.com/wBp9fzL.png

Great system, eh?

Well its complicated. We all know that matchmaker is creating games with MMR of everyone in mind, basicly trying to make even teams so both teams have chance to win. Its kind of different if you are person who is for example diamond on main playing on silver alt. Someone might say you have diamond MMR on silver acc because you have same even better stats as on your diamond acc. But thats not the case. I think its not, its kind of grey area, more like personal theory supported by personal experience. What is happening, is that game doesnt know your true MMR on alt accounts which are lower. Matchmaker know only one thing, you are better than others, but he doesnt know if you are gold player in bronze or diamond player in bronze. So he will distribute players and he probably give enemy team slightly MMR higher players because of you. But only little bit in reality. Because as I said, matchmaker is not sure about your true MMR. And your MMR cant probably go higher than you SR by 300 points anyway.

Why I think that? Because even when we had old placement, 10 games, it was rare to climb over 300 SR from placement even with exceptional stats on lower ranked accounts. Majority of my games on lower ranked accounts was always absent of visibly better players on enemy team vs my team. Thats my experience. For example in my run from bronze to plat I saw maybe 4 smurfs, not one was better than me anyway. Thats why I think matchmaker really doesnt have a clue about you and your MMR when you play on lower ranked alt. If you are diamond skilled player on bronze acc, you will be bronze ranked player in his eyes too, maybe low silver player max.

No one but the OW Devs know 100% of the equation. Anyone else that tries to give you a definitive answer, is lying to you.

The OW Devs themselves have said time and again they haven’t released the entire ‘Here’s what MMR (and SR for that matter) is made of.’. They’ve given spots of information here and there, but the entire thing? No.

All you can do, is play to the best of your abilities, and consistently try to improve. That’s it. That’s all.

Now, add in the plethora of external factors that are out of your hands? That’s where things get interesting.

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Blizzard has never said, exactly, but they have said that winning is most important (in Plat and Below) and none of things matter in diamond and above.

See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20) for more.

MMR is your rank, just hidden. If you want to play with better players, you want a higher MMR.

No. Everyone in a match has approximately the same MMR (with some complications like grouping, playing at weird times, players having very high or very low MMR).

It’s you that is messed up.

Yep. It’s you that is messed up.

this goes 180 degrees counter to what Jeff said in regards to that one dude doing a bronze to GM stream. Jeff said that within 15 games the system knew what said player’s true MMR was.

you’re claiming, based on 100% guess work, that this isn’t the case as it doesn’t support your theories yet I’ve seen you and others use Jeff’s claim that ‘only MMR’ is used by the match maker as 100% gospel.

can’t have it both ways.

and the inverse is also true. if you just want to climb to your natural rank, whatever that may be, but currently have a high relative MMR within the SR range you’re in, you’ll be slotted in with others of similarly high relative SR along with players of worse (potentially significantly worse) within the SR range to arrive at two teams of 6.

who has the high MMR and what roles they’re on … well nobody knows. are you playing actual gold players or smurfs? nobody but the OW staff knows.

This is gibberish. SR is not used in matchmaking. The concept of

Has no meaning.


Was he GM in 15 games? Was he placed in GM games after 14 games?

I highly doubt that.

Does it matter? The point is I’m in mid silver playing with all gold players. Because of MMR.

That’s not what happens though.

If the matchmaker thinks you belong at a higher MMR, it just puts you with you 11 other players that are also at that MMR.

Sorry, not my experience.

Then maybe you’ve just never had a high MMR?

You used to be able to see that with decay, as well.

But that is my point :smiley: you will not have too high MMR on lower ranked alt account.

Decay was something different. It was used only for diamond +

With decay your MMR stayed the same, but your rank fell. It’s why I say, if you have a high MMR, it will place you with and against others that also have a high MMR. You could see that easily with decay.

And I’m not sure why you think you can’t have a high MMR on a smurf account. That makes no sense.

So I’m off the topic. Have a good day.

[Here my observations, I have several accounts / partly distributed on different computers]

MMR only plays a role in matchmaking as long as other criteria are met. Among other things, this includes a strong player base for a region, within the rank in which a player is placed.

I believe that a cross-account control system is used to determine a trust score for a player, similar to Valve’s Anti-Cheating system. ( - YouTube )

With the Blizzard system, it seems that other criteria are also used to separate players. So you should never deliberately try to lose or do things you can be reported for.

For matchmaking it is only important that the values of team SR are near each other. Everything else can change considerably depending on the waiting time.

yes, a great deal. if middle brackets are clogged with high MMR players it matters a lot.

I was several times on alt accounts having expectionaly good stats. And I was still placed into normal games, with people who did belong in same SR as I had. 90% games was like this even when I dominated a lot of them. If I was on account with SR 1500, games felt like 1500 games, players dint have higher skill(based on their gameplay) as me, so how is that possible?

Again, I am deeply conviced that player cant have SR and MMR too far from each other. With exception of how decay worked above diamond before. But it was onjly like that because account already had set MMR before SR was going down.

this goes against Jeff’s words about the bronze to GM streamer. Within 15 games they knew what his actual MMR was. You’re suggesting his MMR was that of his current lower SR rank when Jeff’s words suggest it was near his main GM account. Why else would he word it “we knew what his actual MMR was” if his MMR on that account was in line with his SR position at the time?

When this happened exactly, was it before they removed big SR bonus for winning streaks? Where was he in game 15, which SR.

Do you have link? I know it was seagul, but i cant find it.

Any link where jeff is saying that?