What is going on with cheaters atm?

I do not usually complain, but this season has legitimately been the worst for cheaters, throwers and smurfs than it’s been in a long long time.

So far in the last 2 weeks I’ve encountered the outright obvious to the downright terrible on cheats.

1 x hacking through walls
3 x hacking with wall hacks
4 x aimbotting
7 x actual scripted AI botting

The last one I’m talking about players running an AI script so bad that their player (usually tank) will run at walls, shoot a bit, dance around point and run off then hide in the corner.

Replay code for reference - XRHPM

I will always be the first to admit if we lose GG. It’s not the end of the world, I could have played better or done something, but losing to someone cheating just annoys me. Especially when that person gets potg, the enemy team is like “not cheating” when it’s so blatently obvious it is.

A widow getting a 5 man headshot on all kills whilst standing in main with people diving and in S1 sorry is either smurfing or cheating for example.

Please blizz just sort it out. This season has been utterly terrible for this. Previous seasons you saw maybe 1-2 people tops and rest were skill gaps.


100% cheater infestation. In every single game, either enemy team cheating or in your team cheaters or in both.


Wouldn’t say every game. I’d say 1 in 5 at highest to 1 in 10 lowest. But it’s certainly a lot higher than it’s ever been.


Going free to play with out a total over haul of the anti cheat is just killing the game.


it is in every f game. Most are not rage hack. go in youtube and type ow2 aimbots, and you will see how free hacks are " you are just bad, smurfs etc" difference.


It’s more than 1 in 5 games now. Their numbers are increasing every day now, and it’s all because the so-called ‘anti cheat’ is on a permanent vacation.

Flats among others have made a video about the cheating issue.



Just go to the leaderboards and check the DPS top 500 for previous seasons and u will see that every season 50-100 accounts have been terminated and termination only happens in certain situations like cheating.

This game is a cluster F, the higher you go the worse it gets.

Ya its hitting a tipping point and again gamers need to learn the grand skill of apathy and detach from overwatch and other pvp online shooters and play single player games.

Flats video was wonderful vindication right after our thread got 404ed talking about how bad cheating has infested ow, and how TF2 is the canary in the coal mine, for the end game of the cheater business model.

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Like the spinbotter of Flats I have another replay of and he lost that match because the enemy orisa was hard aimbotting.

Just came from a match where 4 people in the enemy team where hard locking and shooting sombra out of stealth.

That guy wasnt a spinbotter, he just had an expensive, fast swiveling gaming chair.


The cheating is so bad right now it’s killing the game. It’s starting to feel like Modern Warfare.


My gold 1 match as tank, I had a ddoser on the enemy team. You all can figure on how the match went.


Hah, just wait till you get a nuke hacker on the enemy team.

Had one a couple seasons ago where they would swap the map halfways through route 66 to hollywood, then halfways through that game, they would cause everyone to ‘pause’, while they went and killed everyone, one by one. The nuke hack isn’t widely used anymore but some still use it and they can do some crazy stuff with it.

Well, i wouldn’t be surprised if the cheaters in this game are the same people cheating in COD. They do tend to go from one game to the next after getting banned in one game.

What amazes me is that Blizzard are completely oblivious to the issue, and no matter how many reports we make, it doesn’t matter. They’re literally allowed to cheat from anywhere to 3-12 months depending on the time of the year they get reported, because Blizzard only do banwaves, which is a ridiculous thing to do when it comes to a competitive game. Bans should be done live, just like in CSGO, Valorant etc. That ain’t never gonna happen in this game until they either get a kernel level anti-cheat.

I don’t see cheaters… ever… :see_no_evil:

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What? Hahaha that’s a new one for me. Damn never heard anything about that until, now actually…

I think he meant DDOS attack.

Look at this clip from a video Flats posted earlier today. I clipped the part where he watched Emongg play against cheaters. This is some of the things they can do with the nuke hack and it’s nasty.

The problem with not having a proper anti-cheat is that the cheating intensifies, people don’t care, they just cheat because they have zero fear of being banned since they do one banwave per year, and the fact that the game is F2P doesn’t help either as they made is super easy to make a new account.

It’s not a DDOS attack. DDOS is something else and this ain’t it.

The cheaters are flooding the server with packets causing it to lag, that is DDOS.
" A DDoS attack aims to overwhelm the devices, services, and network of its intended target with fake internet traffic, rendering them inaccessible to or useless for legitimate users ."

But it could also be internet issues from his side as his packet loss icon is going mental which implies he is not receiving packets which would cause the players to start teleporting as he misses out on packets which update their location and it oddly is not affecting anyone else in that match from what I could see.

Usually it effect’s everyone in the match, but I could be wrong.

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They’re not even being subtle about it, they trash talk you throughout the match.


The nuke hack uses a similar system, but it’s not a full-on DDOS attack on the server itself, because if it was, all the players in the lobby would get disconnected and the server would go offline very quickly. The nuke hack targets the clients IPs not the server.

Internet issues on his side? Nah, you wouldn’t have others seeing the same things he’s seeing and experiencing if that was the case.

If you don’t believe that the nuke hack exist, then do yourself a favor and search it up. It is very real and has been real for many years…

It does affect others in the match. It affects every IP in the lobby that the hackers are targeting. If you think that looked bad. Just pray you never run into nuke hackers yourself. The software they use have more features to enable them to really mess up the lobbies they’re in, as i mentioned in a previous reply.

Yes, you are wrong.