What is even going on

Like I genuinely can’t play this game anymore, I really do enjoy playing this game when it works but god damn what am I supposed to do with this match-maker? The divisions of skill being put into games is just all over the place I am usually around high diamond/low masters and I am seeing gold tanks on my team going up against master tanks or even gold dps up against master dps, like what am I suppose to do when I draw the poopy end of the stick? and I feel like I draw that poopy stick 7/10 times.

I am more than happy to take a loss but not when some poor gold tank player has to get clapped by a tank 2 to 3 ranks higher than him/her thats not fair on them or my team. Will they ever fix this??


what facilitates and supersedes matchmaker? a matchserver. which may not exist in your region. thus routing you to a distant server. resulting in poor experience. or you’re experiencing automated connection nerfs upon reaching 5hr / 20 match daily ow limit.

What you just said, made no sense


They wont fix it.

They need fast queues or no one will buy cosmetics or the battlepass.

The queues need to be fast and that means less quality matchmaking as the devs have proven for the last 6 months.


sounds like another insuation it’s rigged. There’s a lot of absurd theories on this forum.

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It also has to do with the weekly challenges for cosmetics. Players “want” fast queues and fast matches to maximize farming coins for cosmetics. If the producers let go of their iron grip and allowed players to earn more than one or two skins a year, there wouldn’t be as much of a demand for quick-stomp matchmaking like we have now.

you’re the one saying rigged not me.

But nearly zero hard evidence of how it actually works.

crazy concept but if they actually listened to the playerbase and fixed bugs matchmaking etc, they could make more money with happy cutsomers

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Yes and there wont be any changes. The game needs to set new records so the devs get their bonus paychecks. Its a very unhealthy situation.

Iam just glad i stopped giving them money once ow2 launched.

Overwatch is extremely bi polar. It feels more like a job than a video game.

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What? I never said it was you who said it was rigged? what are you talking about?

Insuation? where you trying to say Insinuation

Right lets type this in a way you may be able to understand.

The poster directly above your comment further up (the 2nd one) was borderline insuating a rigging of the system.

And nice try with the deflecting attention of the fact you misunderstood something.

You replied to my comment not the second posters, check again…

Highly unlikely imo. I think the devs have decided faster queue times will retain more players than better matchmaking with longer queues, and the reality of it now is if they were to give us OW1 matchmaking, we’d likely see dps queues at 20+ minutes. Notice how it’s not just support anymore with the +BP xp in ranked queue, tank has it just as much. This tells us a ton of people have stopped playing tank and now the large majority of players are queueing dps while both tank and support have a shortage of players. Switching to 5v5 has just made their role imbalance problems even worse and they’ve butchered similar skill matchmaking to make up for it.

Reverting to 6v6 would fix these problems but blizzard devs will do anything before they admit they were wrong.

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when I queue with someone for quickplay that the matches will often be stomps, but when I play solo matches aren’t bad and I’m winning as much as I usually would (my personal experience of course)

Though, since OW2 release every single quickplay game has 2-3 console players, not sure if this is impacting the match quality or not.

I’m barely GM. If I had the choice for 10 minute queues for an all GM game or 1 minute queues for me to maybe be in a low-Masters or high-diamond game, against an opposing equally ranked support player (I only play support) I’d choose short queue times.

Do you get console players even when not grouped with one? In qp.

I do not understand why all of these people want to wait 10 minutes for games that are lowkey nearly the same quality as is.

Playas forgor what the end of Overwatch Uno was like already.

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