What is Dev Login?


While signing into Overwatch today my internet cut randomly so it left me at the login screen. I got these two login options with the bottom reading “dev login”.

Of course I clicked on dev login and nothing happened. So is this normal or a mistake that this option is present? I havent see this before at all and obviously as a player I wont have developer access.

Edit: This is on the current live version of the game.

I’m really not sure

I’ve had the ability to like dev log posts or something for a long time

one day it suddenly appeared? not sure why tho?

You’re seeing into the matrix.


seems like its a bug, but now we know that their servers list their own session, and thus clicking dev login on a personal machine/session logs them to their accounts

It’s not unusual for developers to include a way for developers to enter a “dev mode” in live products to help with testing and debugging things. It is traditionally buried in a way that you’d have to intentionally go looking for it to find it, but it doesn’t have to be.

As for why it’s suddenly there now, hard to say. Maybe it became necessary to move/add it for the recently added “hotfix” feature.

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yeah i mean they have a ptr server to let us test comeing patches early cant imagen they would do any dev related stuff on the actual live server… in fact i would have believed they got some entire different client… but back to the topic.

my connection today while playing got cut too while the internet connection actualy was 100% working fine… same thing i had that dev login option in a blue button below the useual login button it was clickable but didnt respond in any way…

i mean its one thing that there seems to be some bug like that but why blizzard cuts my connection to there servers to show me that bug? if it would be a ranked match i got kicked out of i would be realy pissed

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“dev” typically stands for developer – meaning something Blizzard uses internally for development. Must have been a bug that it got exposed to you as an end user.