What Is A Plat Game?

I’m in Plat. Was Diamond 4. Probably climbing again. Who knows. I have no idea what a Plat game even IS.

Some games I’m going vs. multiple Masters, with golds on my team.
Some games I get silvers.
A few times I saw GMs.

You play the game, the “difficulty level” is swinging wildly all over the place, trying to react to every single game you play. Win a game or two, OH NO YOU DON’T! Are you smurfing? Now you must play vs. Masters! Lose a few games? Oh we’re sorry! Everyone deserves a win, here’s a free one. Go afk and enjoy your free win.

What. Is. A. Plat. Game.

Please, just limit MMR to an actual rank. That way, we can play games in our Rank. Win or lose in our Rank. And drop or rise in Rank. So we can take on the next challenge, which should be RANK.

Instead, every other game is like switching accounts to a whole different rank thanks to this MMR. It’s waaaay to over reactive.

The MMR is NOT WORKING! Or perhaps it’s working too well, to the point where it’s straight up oppressive and ruins the game.

My goodness. Just let people PLAY the game for a night without wild swings in teammates and enemies.

It’s like they built the system, then tried to counter smurfs, boosters, cheaters, with wild swings in MMR. Except… most players are just trying to play the game. You put up some good stats and the matchmaker itself punishes you with like 3 hard mode games in a row. I think players are giving up. Blizz beat them into submission with their oppressive MMR.

It upsets me because we’re trying to play an otherwise good game here, and all they’d have to do is say “Know what? We hear you and we’re going to limit MMR to 5 tiers” or something.

Players do not like playing that far outside their rank! It’s pointless!

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They heavily prioritize fast queue times above fair matches.

They recently made it so that the matchmaker will prioritize pairing similar ranked (MMR) within a role.

Tank = Tank, DPS1 = DPS1, DPS2 = DPS2, etc.

Obviously this doesn’t make for particularly great or fun matches.

I think the issue is that the player numbers are actually kinda low in OW2, they don’t have the numbers of players they need to have both fair matches and short queue times, so blizz is forced to choose between the two.
Another factor in this is also how many different modes they create, as each mode splits up the playerbase and makes the pool in which the matchmaker pulls opponents for you smaller.

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Does anyone actually have a link to the player count for ow2?

Something like steamcharts thats comprehensive.

But back on topic, yes, plat feels like a dark hole.

yeah i honestly feel like plat is the worst rank to be in rn out of all the ranks. you can get a range of bronze through masters and even gms in your games. matchmaking is a meme at this point. we all hamsters running on a wheel to power blizzards profit machine.