What if Brigitte doesn't use her shield to bash?

Does Orisa not have barriers anymore or am I missing something?


Yes and its a detached shield. Baguette literally cannot stun the Orisa through a shield.

This is exclusively a Reinhardt buff.


Any more changes for Reaper considering the indirect nerf that is Ashe?

Wow this will be a huge change. I always felt Brigitte’s dominance has been heavily focused on using her bash to drop Rein’s shield. This completely shifts the overall balance of Brigitte in terms of team composition, but not make her irrelevant. I look forward to testing this change on the PTR.


Looks like a decent buff to Winston.

Of course you are changing that since it was used in pro play and the pros complained about it.

Stop focusing everything on 1% of the playerbase - you did that for a whole year!
I feel you, ignored Bastions… I feel you…


So will this be rolled through for all melee abilities then?


Fortify will need to be on a resource meter for that to happen. She just gets run over and stunned to death once fortify ends.


So even less Reinhard counters? Exactly what we need, more buffs to the most picked tank.


That honestly wouldn’t be such a bad idea…


As a rein player do you think it’s fun to be stunned over and over again with absolutely no counterplay? This is a great change and will make it so brigitte isn’t an absolute pain to play against


Brigitte’s anti-tank power when played skillfully is what makes her viable in high level play.
This would be a massive nerf.


Welp that’s it for goats. Here comes the dive meta.


Uh, yes she can? It just doesn’t drop the shield, but it makes her liable to being run over when she is stunned, which is her biggest weakness.

Now she can save her teammates from being stunned, as her shield is projected.

Sorry you have an axe to grind about Rein but this is an unequivocal buff to all shield tanks.

(PS. Shatter isn’t 4 seconds. It’s 2 and change. The more you know.)

Doomfist and 4Gitte nerfs

Bless you Geoff


As a Rein main, I almost never have trouble with Brigitte and her stun. I don’t think I’ve ever had trouble with Brigitte and her stun, even when it was on a 4 second cooldown. The trouble has always come from her team capitalizing on her stun, which frankly, to me, is the desired effect of it.

The person who has always given me trouble, however, has always been Doomfist. He actually launches from a distance to deal significant damage, stun, and displace me all by himself. Not to mention the time spent flying, plus the time spent stunned, is time his teammates can punish me as well. There isn’t any counterplay to that, even if your team is working together due to the sheer range he is afforded to do it. Brigitte’s annoying at best. Doomfist is game changing.

Hell, even McCree is more annoying than Brigitte since he can follow up his stun with damage. Never had an issue with Roadhog, though.


This is the key change. Mirror counters are not healthy for the game.

Just let him go on about with his anti-Rein rhetoric. Rein is fine.


Can’t say I’ll like it, but I understand why.

It kind of opens up a lot of counters to Brig now.


Though I doubt Dive will make a return. Or if it does, it won’t be the same 9 characters from the last dive.