What happened with Genji x Mercy dialogue?

I haven’t touched base with this game in months until about a few weeks ago, and not a single line of dialogue was dropped between the two during matches.

In addition, the flirting in storms rising two years ago-- were scrapped apparently (because I played the absolute crap out of it and yet, they never not once said a word with the two.

Is there any context behind this as to why this is the case? Cause I am truly baffled that this iconic ship was just… silenced

Edit: I never hear the ‘i’m taking care of you Genji’ anymore, what gives?


Most of the OW1 dialogue was cut and archives was dropped as an event. Aside from that, the new lead writer is a professional panderer that loves Pharah and Mercy, so don’t expect to see anything between Genji and Mercy in the future.

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Actually tragic. When I first started playing the game that was the catalyst as to why I stuck around all those days. Oof.

Much of this dialogue, as Magick said, is from the OW1 gen/Storm Rising event and is not audible. But I can confirm that they are still in the game files, it is still possible to download them. On the voiceline for Genji / mercy I actually think I heard their mutual exchange of voiceline for assist the other day.

it’s still a little too early to say, considering that PVe has stopped again… but I quite agree on the hypothesis that they’re leaning a little hard on Pharah, between the Battle Pass skin and the relationship with Mercy. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, Phamercy is a strategy as well as being narratively two characters on good terms. But there is a little too much silence towards Genji X Mercy even in the codex, we talked about it even more than necessary on other topics in the history section.

But if we still want to be a little more honest with the narrative director, Phamercy is not the only in-depth relationship: there have been multiple additions on the conversations between the heroes. Sombra and Sigma have a disproportionate amount of voicelines between them, and so do Tracer and D.Va.

Like it or not, there was too much chemistry between the two in comparison. Yeah both of Pharah and Mercy can fly, but Mercy LITERALLY saved Genji and when they started talking after that there is just, so much potential for fruitful banter between the two.

Like I can vividly remember back in 2016 where Mercy cried out to Genji when he died, or when Angela died also/or was shot at Genji would yell ‘Angela!’ , which was kinda neat feature so for story lovers to dig into the lore from hearing that. (even if they dont like story dialogue just give an option to disable it for those who aren’t fit for story content and just here for pure competition)

If there are any writers reading this, please try to see this from your consumer’s perspective, and understand that this ship hits home for me, because when I first got the game in May of 2016, I was immediately in love with their arch and that’s how I got into the story. Continuing their dialogue of teasing and flirting and yelling out in care for one another when they are in peril, would mean the world to me, call me crazy, idc. It was a time where I was visiting my bro from underway and no games were out there except for the hype i heard about Overwatch. The ps4 theme and installing the game, watching the community flourish with one another while listening to character banter were all golden moments I cherish. It’d be nice if I could touch base with at least something in the past. The chemistry between the two was the only thing that kept me on that game after all the scandals and controversial nerfs that made mercy in a questionable state…and now even that is gone :c


I used to be certain they were retconning their relationship, but if you dig a little, there are more than a few signs that they haven’t forgotten about the two.

Genji is still among the characters with the most special gameplay interactions with Mercy, they’re still often featured together in the marketing, they were the front-facing figures of the valentines event(with a few references to their relationship in the dating-sim minigame) and most recently they doubled down on their lore being integral to each other in Overwatch: Declassified where they even reveal a few new details that wasn’t previously known(ie. their “close bond” and how after Blackwatch disbanded, Mercy is the entire reason Genji then joined Overwatch in the first place).

Yes, it’s frustrating that they have no spawnroom interactions with each other yet, as that is where you most often get a little glimpse into the relationships in the game, but those can always be added in later, so I wouldn’t lose hope just yet.

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Thank you for your input. Though it had to be intentionally removed because she originally did say ‘i’m taking care of you, Genji’ for a time in Overwatch 2 early on, but that was never said again ever since I returned and I’ve been on her a lot healing other Genjis. There were a few others as well that they said when they were battle buddies early on as well but I can’t remember those because they were also removed… lol

Pharah and Mercy on the other hand chat, A LOT, and tease each other almost everytime they are selected in spawn before the battle phase.

Every OW1 voice line has been removed for every character, that includes the “I’m taking care of you, Genji” voice line, she now instead says “Do your thing, Genji!”

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Ohhhh Okay, I might have been mistaking my past experience for playing at the latest point of Overwatch 1 before it shut down for good.

Well, here’s hoping Genji has someone in his life to take care of. Having an exiled brother and nobody else other than Angela that is close to him is sad enough. Don’t take her away from him, lol. I hate the term shipping here because the story between the two is just literally too pure for this world, idk how else to put it. The ‘I can fix him’ arch I’m all for it.

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Well, I think Genji and Mercy relationship was written by Michael Chu, the OW1 story writer. He got fired right before the OW2, and now they want Mercy and Pharah to have relationship.