What Happened to Hanzo's Dark Wolf Skin?

What Happened to Hanzo’s Dark Wolf Skin?
I know I had it unlocked, since it was set to my skin prior to OW2’s release.
Now it’s not even showing up as an option.


Have the same problem too. Its not in my Hero Gallery and it doesn’t even show up as a locked skin, Its as if they haven’t ported it across from OW1 to OW2. I looked into some other related skins from Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 and there are some that are in and some that aren’t.

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Same thing happened to me. I unlocked it and it is not showing up in OW2’s skin list

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Sounds like a bug to me. This sort of stuff’s happened in the past; there was once a patch that accidentally erased S76’s Grillmaster highlight.

The normal okami skin is better :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I had it unlocked in OW1 and am missing it in OW2 as well.

Doesn’t matter.
People are missing skins they either worked hard to earn, or paid for.

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As a Hanzo main I noticed Dark wolf was missing immediately, I hope to God it’s added back into the game soon.


Didn’t Hanzo have a glitch previously where a certain skin made him invisible?
It could be that rearing its head again.
Blizz might’ve just hid it for now.

Especially if it’s happening only to that skin for everyone rather than the skins being locked glitch.

I was joking lol.

Lucio’s poison frog is missing too

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Symmetra’s hydra skin is missing too.

I still have wooden torb and pajamei, so all is right in the world.

I’m missing mine as well, and lmk if there is someway to get it back pls

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Yeah Dark wolf is still missing same with blue frog lucio, and its pissing me off that they haven’t said anything about them yet since i know i have them