What even is reduce buffering?

I googled this and it wasn’t that conclusive. Some people say it lowers your fps, but makes your game look more smooth, others say it reduces input lag. What exactly does it do and why should it be on/off?

Reduce Buffering I believe is aimed at reducing input lag. It does this by lowering the pre-rendered frames to a lower amount. It’s often recommended to turn this feature on as long as your FPS is meeting or exceeding the maximum refresh rate of your monitor. Example: 60hz monitor and you are constantly seeing 70+FPS in game (Turn it on) If you hit under 60FPS on a 60hz monitor you may leave it off or adjust other settings to increase FPS.

Thank you.


Thank you for your response.

In a case where you can achieve exactly 60fps on a 60Hz monitor consistently would it it better turning this option on.

Or does it have to be 70fps+ to be effective?



Usually we lock bumped threads from this long ago, but this is a fair clarifying question to ask. ^^ In this situation, I’d just test it and see how you like it. Personally I’d be more comfortable with it if I were getting ~10 FPS in excess of my monitor’s refresh rate. If you test it and it starts causing FPS issues, you can always disable it.

Word of caution - if you’re using vertical sync and hard capping your FPS to your monitor’s refresh rate, this could cause odd behavior, so you might try disabling that if you suddenly start getting FPS fluctuations and decide which gives you better performance for your tastes.

Good luck!

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