What even are placement matches?

Not at all. Not only am i not looking for an answer, nothing that you quoted in that article supports your argument. All it does it state that mmr affects sr gained, things that have been near common knowledge for years at this point. Nowhere does it mention placements.

You don’t see that affecting placements? Please, explain the thought process?

Placements are pointless once you have ranked. Can I magically get out of bronze thru placements. NO! So why do them?

My thought process is based on the evidence I’ve given. If mmr affected the sr change during placements then I would not have gotten 10sr per win. Why? Because my mmr should be that of a masters level support, that is only made stronger by the fact that I won 87% of my games to get there. The reason I bring up my winrate is to show that mmr is either inaccurate or it has no effect on placements.

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Or that their are other factors for which you cannot account.

Such as?
Unless you have any other counter arguments I can only suggest you stop arguing for a point with nothing supporting it.
I’m sure there is more than we know that goes into it but until we know how it works the best we can do is go off what we have. That’s what I did. Unfortunately, you did not.

Other players sr’s…the differences in your team’s Sr vs enemy teams Sr…your performance to those of your peers at your rank in your role… Length of games, types of game modes, times you spent on fire…medals, xp recieved per game…your career averages and your performance comparison.

Your kdr, elim to dmg ratio, elim average comparative to ending season., Dmg average to “”, etc

During placements players don’t have sr.

Performance based on a peer in the same rank is performance based sr. I was in an applicable rank for one game when the account initially placed last season. It would have no impact.

Length of the game shouldn’t matter. Some game modes are faster than other.

Being on fire is a false measurement of impact. If that had an impact they need to rethink how the system works.

Kdr means nothing in this game. I could trade myself as support for their main tank and arguably get value from that despite the fact I went 1:1.

Damage to elim ratio? As in the percentage of damage dealt when someone is killed? As a support player how does that affect me? What about tanks? Does that take healing the target received into account? How long is the window of damage dealt being considered a contributing factor to the kill?

As it has been said MULTIPLE TIMES ACROSS THE FORUMS, YOUTUBE AND OTHER MEDIA, Ur mmr decides what rank u placed, and the mmr takes into acount ur last 100 or so games. If u played like dog sh… For the Last 90 of 100 games and in the last 10 u played well do u think the system will classify that as getting better or a statistical anomaly?

As it has been said MULTIPLE TIMES ACROSS THE FORUMS, YOUTUBE AND OTHER MEDIA, Ur mmr decides what rank u placed, and the mmr takes into acount ur last 100 or so games.

Why you write in caps? Do you think it makes you smarter?
Blizzard said nothing.
Read this How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20)
and especially the part: “But I just read this post from a developer, and it said matchmaking is based on SR, not MMR”

Officially Blizzard posted bits and you are not in the position to be all high and mighty.

Just hate people knowing it all and using caps.

They need to reset every season. I’m stuck in silver no matter what I do because I play solo. The leavers and trolls in the placement matches are ridiculous, not to mention the smurfs. It’s a mess.

But if you reach your actual skill level you will just quit the game, not play it and your play time statistic will be lower. Imagine if they could not post “1 trillion hours has been spent in OW” be a true shame rly. I mean you are definitively quitting and lowering your engagement the moment you are getting games with your pers on both sides, yes indeed coz that is only natural. All those loot boxes you are buying, you will not buy them either coz you will not spend any time with the game, coz god forbid, it is so boring to play with people on your actual level. Game lacks point at that stage, dunno what all these pro´s are doing with their life, besides from the money, what are they even doing and proving?

Nah you get it. Blizzard gives ZERO about anything than engagement hours per player, even if all those hours are just mindless boring grinds. valuable quality content < meaningless cheap to produce grinds. It is the Blizzard mantra, plaguing all their games. My money is that D4 gonna be even worse than D3, and top it off it will release 2-3 years after like 1000000x new ARPGs that are being released this year and the next been out and gotten fleshed out for a while. Every single one of them will time their biggest updates ever around the D4 release as well cause you know they are not stupid, and will capitalize for every single mistake that is made with D4.

Climbing happens after placements… placements are not a freebie. Whether you feel something should or shouldn’t affect the outcome…it’s irrelevant…it’s just how placements work.

Placements have never been intended to reflect skill lvl. It’s a base starting point estimate…if you’re good you climb…if not you fall. There was a time when devs tried giving more generous results…they found out people hated getting placed high and loosing a bunch of Sr after placements.

I believe the mechanic is still there that the first few games after placements have boost modifiers on SR.

According too whom?

It was found out the system placed players 200-600 SR below their previous season high or even more forcing them to grind all that SR back even after a very successful run of placements. The developers shrugged to that more or less and though it would be a good idea so people had something to “strive” towards every new season, as grinding their SR back was in any way or form interesting. And yes I distinctly remember (me included) how “pleased” everyone was with this system, good and bad players a like. People getting stomped by superior players or people winning against lesser players.

People wondered why they did not just MMR reset people completely instead every season too which they obviously said “they did not like the idea”. As their half baked reset that essentially only purposely forced people down did anyone any favors. WoW arena had hard MMR resets in the beginning, it worked out fine, for everyone. Anyways the system was later changed to the current one, with placements not mattering at all win or lose a like, which people ofc quickly found out and further questions in regard to the point of them where made to which we got more shrugging and “we will not MMR reset” responses.

People hating getting high placements and losing SR is some weird myth I never ever heard of, most people strive to gain more SR, only ultra casuals would ever complain about getting too much of it.

dont bother with the dude, just check my exchange with him. you’ll offer an argument and he will refuse to acknowledge it and call you close-minded

Write 8n caps to give emphasis on what’s caped? Do you think questioning ppls motives makes u smart?

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Lol u confusing a) matchmaking with b) placements. Matchmaking is gathering players in teams with similar skill lvl, placements place u at the Sr the system thinks u are at(or it should). U don’t use caps but u sound prety dumb urself. Hate it when ppl try to correct others with unrelated bs and act all pretentious about it
Ps:and read this? A post from a user? I get it u just trolling u sorry excuse for a human

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Did u even read that? It clearly stated that matchmaking is base on mmr nothing bout developer input

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Dummy dummy?
Your totally missing the point buddy. You don’t understand a thing about matchmaking. You read partially and now would you like to provide me the same post?
:smile: Lmao. Again for your lacking of reading comprehension: We don’t have definitive answers. Is this clear enough or should I write it in CAPS?

Ps:and read this? A post from a user? I get it u just trolling u sorry excuse for a human

Yes you should read this sweetheart. You know reading helps.

I did read it, no one mentioned developer comments nor were there any. Take ur meds

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