What changes from the EXC panel did we like?

I’m going to make a list of the changes the forum overall likes. The devs said the changes with a positive feedback will go through. Everything else is just for the tournament

Reaper voice line remova
Orisa slight barrier buff
Bap nerfs
Rein changes that super said
Junk slight buff
Echo slight nerf

Generally agreed on changes:
•Reaper “shadow step” voice line removal
•Rein changes that Super proposed
•Soldier helix rockets
•Orisa barrier changes

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NGL, I like the idea of self nano

I liked the idea of 7 second CC cooldown that Danteh and Jake said, too bad it didn’t go through

I liked it when he tried to give Doomfist 2 uppercuts, thats really funny
then i liked it when they just left him with nothing that also made me laugh
i liked the tracer buffs, and torb changes, and genji changes, they were all funny too
I really struggled to see that panel as anything other than a comedy so it was all rather good.

Orisa, Soldier, Mei, D.Va, Ana, and Bap all had very very good changes that are worth putting into the game

I think they said there not putting any in real game only for the tournament

Changes with very positive feedback “from the community” will make it into the Live game

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Oh ok thanks for clearing that up i was going to say there were atleast 2 changes that seemed good

Yeah. They said the changes are going to be used for the purpose of the tournament and most won’t make it into the retail environment (in game card) but I think of some are really supported they will make it through

With all the backlash, I think they’ve stepped back on that one. Here’s a quote from the pinned topic at the top of the General Section in these forums:

Also for those interested in the Reinhardt change, I think it’s a good change but if they buff Reinhardt right now I’m straight up quitting the game until they fix the tank situation.

I’d say the minor buffs were my favorites. Mainly 20 more ammo for mei and removing voicelines for reaper when he teleports.

Dva change is good. Other minor buffs aren’t bad too. It’s the drastic ones that won’t work