What changed? [Back from cryo]

Hello, it’s been quite a lot of time that i don’t play or post in the forum, probably months or one year.
Is there anything that i need to know about the balancing? Was there any relevant change? Did the game significantly evolved, or it’s kinda the same?

You are in for a wild ride. Everything has changed. You may want to just read through the last few patch notes, starting from early december

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I was pretty sure about it. I hope i could enjoy again the game, as the first times i played it.

Do you enjoy faster fights? That is pretty much what the balances changes have been aimed at

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You mean that you die faster? I will have to check, since that i like fast paced games, if i can understand what’s happening in the fight

Shields have been heavily nerfed and healing has been nerfed, so sustain is lower.

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H e l l Y e a h

So now should be more focused on DPSing, right?

  • Role queue and locked 2-2-2.
  • Shield revamps.
  • Brig rework.
  • Map pools.
  • Power creep nerfs galore.
  • OWL exclusively on YT.

And soon enough, hero pools.

Jeff promises:

  • Faster, aggressive and meta targeting balance.
  • Sharing replays.
  • “Experimental” card on Arcade, which would be like PTR testing.
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Yeah, the tanks got buffs to their personal sustain, so they are more focused on wading into fights and doing damage along with the dps, and since supports heal less, sustain dps are coming back into play. Soldier is actually playable

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So, this didn’t change. I hope for 3/2/1 comps in future

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Jeff actually said they tested this, here is his post:


I will read it with calm

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Mei is suddenly the number one must pick DPS hero in OWL.

And aside from Mei, Rein, Lucio usage, OWL meta is extremely diverse compared to previous years.

Oh yeah and they are rolling out balance patches every 1-2 weeks, instead of 4-8 weeks.

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Welcome back buddy.

A lot of things has changed.
Mei even became meta for a long period on ladder and is currently meta in OWL.

But because of this has she received a few nerfs.
The slow effect got nerfed by removing 0.5s, and her wall shows now visual cracks when it has low health.

Because she is currently meta in owl, and only in owl, are the chances high that she will he nerfed more.

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And this person was Bloggerman.

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That’s cool

Good to know

Nice, so more feedback

I kinda understand, because freezing could result a bit unfun. But at least would be good to raise a bit the skill floor

We all fear this. I wouldn’t like at all to see her nerfed without specific reason, otherwise she would go back to take dust

Reading some posts i’ve realized that he was him. I also seen that he hoped for my return

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Well the last nerf was one I suggested. Was preemptively trying to offer up a less-critical pound of flesh to those bloodlusting after Mei nerfs.

Didn’t anticipate the high OWL usage though.

But I got other ideas.

If you had to pick a nerf, what would be your first and second choice out of this list:

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Here you go, you can scroll through all the lastest live patch notes.

Mhm, the rework of primary fire is tempting me, and the Ice Wall too.
But before proposing, i have to play the game for at least 1/2 weeks, and then proposing.
Also i think that heroes should do one thing and do it well (UNIX Philosophy), so we should ask ourself in this case: “What is really the Mei role? What each ability is intended to do? Are there abilities that tend to do the same thing? If so, let’s think a way to differentiate, and make them work together”

Well the main complication with Mei is she’s the closest thing to a “Third Tank”, and they nerfed all the barriers.

So there might be nothing they can do to reduce her OWL pickrate besides nerfing her into the ground, or moving her to the Tank slot.

On the other hand though, I like Step1+Step2, because it would specifically hurt her high tier viability.
And it would greatly enable D.va + Divetank, or Sigma. Which is that’s lacking in the OWL meta right now.

And all she needs to do is be less viable for the top 0.1% of players. Which can make this nerfing be very targeted.

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