What are your most popular threads?

  1. A thread discussing the objective pros and cons of Mercy’s “Guardian Angel prefers beam target” and asking people about their preferences or whether anyone would use both if they could. Probably #1 because I dared use Mercy’s name in the title.

  2. “Quality of Life” Dream Patch Notes - mostly still applicable.

  3. A #ptr-feedback request to add “Damage Amount” as a usable event response variable in Workshop.

  4. A thread discussing Genji’s weight, in response to the Storm Rising opening cinematic where Mercy effortlessly lifts his entire body (including all equipment) with one hand.

I wonder what actually determines the “top” topics. These don’t have the most replies or the most likes… most views, maybe?

probably a combination of all

Speaking of dodo

Is this one of your men?

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Once one exceeds 13k posts here, one can no longer have any underlings

forum rules, what can I say


My top topic of all time, 500+ replies and 160+ likes. I made just after the bash nerf that wrecked her ability to kill flankers

So i can still hire underlings for now

I advise you to start furloughing your existing flunkies now

i still have 15 more posts so

Yes, but given the army of flunkies you have, you’ll need to get started now

Rule says nothing about having companions,

only about underlings

so ill just give them a raise

This one:

I haven’t changed my opinion.
Mercy’s event skins she has gotten so far, with the exception of Combat, are fanservice-y in my opinion, and I would like to see a more modest and serious one. You know, skins like a lab coat, casual or that snow suit from the Winter Wonderland Spray.

I think the same about Dva.

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This is my second msot popular thread:

But it only got popular because Jeff answered a question of my. One about surfing, which is always a popular topic.

I’m very prolific in the realm of posting topics.


Oh. Hm. Maybe I’m not.

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Same. I have never posted one.

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consider me moonshocked


My top 1 is “Gerard is alive” topic, proud of it, my first fan theory :blush:

Looking at my “top topics” I really have to wonder how they decide what is your top topics… anyway… these are mine.

#1. Public vs Private Profiles: A Compromise
This one I think got big because no one actually read it and just started arguing about public vs private profiles. Anyway…

What it actually was about was adding some icons to the hero select screen showing each persons “Preferred Role” and “Can Play Role”. Initially it would be auto filled based on play time, but it could be changed at any time in your Profile.

#2: Valkyrie’s Flaws
Pretty self explanatory there.

#3: Yet another Mercy Rework Idea.
How is this one third? Ah well… this was a Mercy rework was based around the idea of giving her several more mutually exclusive beams on Right Click which you would cycle through with her E. Then several bits of rearranging of Valkyrie and Res to make this fit and make sense.

#4: Mercy Might End Up Meta Again
This was written just before Reaper got 50% lifesteal. I was postulating that Mercy would become meta again because her Damage Boost synergizes with that Reaper Buff really really well.

#5: Mercy Brainstorming
This… this thread was going to be a series where I tried to discuss small, mini changes to Mercy to try to find a small batch of changes to give her to make her less boring without breaking her play style.

It… didn’t work the way I had planned. Nobody stayed on topic and instead gave their own rework suggestions. I did manage to keep it pretty clear of flaming and trolling which I’m happy about… but yeah.

#6: Low Impact Mercy Rework.
This was me building another Mercy rework. The goal of this one was to try to address the most egregious parts of her kit without breaking her for anyone.

I think I see a trend…

Controversy and not much else. Of course, mercy is my top topic because no one cares about my threads for other supports.

Have one for Dva but of course it’s all people thinking I wanted dva nerfed despite my threads about Dva needing buffs and my focus in the thread was Moira who was barely mentioned :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

im wondering what criteria “top topics” uses…because Geoff appreciation thread is not my most viewed or most replied to or my most liked thread…but thats what shows up at top of list

Mine is about how Moira is one of the most balanced heroes in the game (and she still is)