What are you looking forward to the most in ow2?

PvE/Story and Bastion rework


I think I’m most excited to see all the additions they’ve added to the maps for the PVE missions. That extra area on Kings Row honestly blew my mind when they showed it at Blizzcon.


A hot waifu tank :man_shrugging:

I hope we’ll be able to explore these areas in custom games - if not, I might have to make scouting parties in hero missions.


It would be a crime to make them not available in custom games. Just add the functionality to enable/disable each area in the menu or something.

Talking to you Mr AndyB :eyes:


Feedback noted.



Hey Andy! Could there be a possibility of having a new version of Total Mayhem but with Character Trees?

It would be so fun to play against people with maxed out talent tree’s in a PVP environment!


I expect something never mentioned, especially a fundamental change, like new ability(-ies) for all heroes.(PvP)

Less automation with the ban system and how it’s being abused. (YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID. WE ALL DO IT. DON’T LIE.)
Time To Kill increase.
Not looking forward to solo tanking. I still very much believe were going to get obliterated once the tank is down.

I already know that they are making everything oposite of what i would want, so nothing to say here sadly.

Mauga and PVE (skill trees and builds including) outside of seeing new skin designs.

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New heroes and PvE.


I’d like to ask a question about the future of custom games and workshop. Do you know if there’s any plans to release an Editor for Overwatch. Like the Warcraft 3 world editor or Starcraft 2 galaxy map editor. From one of the behind the scenes from the team I learned the internal OW editor is named “TED”. I would love if we players could have access to our own version of TED. The custom game settings are nowhere near as powerful or in depth as I wish they were and I can’t use the workshop cause I don’t know how to code. It would probably take me years to learn coding with my memory retention.

But if we had an editor that was like a hybrid of the Warcraft 3 Object editor and OW custom games settings it would be awesome. I’m out on a limb guessing here but I think some version of TED has already been added to the back end of the game for the experimental card. Cause I don’t see how they’re able to make those experimental changes without an editor being built in.

Basically my sole reason for wanting this is so I can create custom games with my own balance changes. But also be able to change heroes, abilities, ultimates, and deployables however I want within the realm of things that wouldn’t require changes to animations or new art assets. This would also allow players to prototype new heroes, abilities, ultimates, and deployables. Or even create reworks for heroes or revert heroes to previous iterations.

the main thing i am looking forward to is new supports and tanks…i hope

Oh no. Please… I am very clumsy…

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Really excited about the story progression and pve content. A return to regular new hero and map releases(for quickplay and ranked, not just dm) will be amazing.

More players to play with. The more players at my skill level to mix it up, the better. OW2 will bring an influx of players and I’m looking forward to that the most.

New and improved game audio!

sorry but if they remove sombras hack then yeah, I’m not buying the game. why even keep the character if you’re just gonna strip her away of her whole identity but keep abilities like sleep in the game? yeah great going blizzard, really showing your bias here

I’m absolutely here for the PvE and lore. Finally, I get the play the game without the majority of people who play the game.

…especially excited for the Rio map and possible developments on Lucio and Symmetra’s whole conflict.